Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Life on the Road

Wow, the last couple of weeks have been a whirl wind, and as I am now home for a few days, I thought I would share with you, some of the fantastic work I have been witness to.

Spending a couple of days with Caroline Hickey in Staffordshire on Sunday and Monday 10th & 11th February was a blast, and as usual in her own unique blend of energy and wit, she managed to yet again bring some sunshine into my life. Caroline had open her doors to me, and allowed me to come and work some of her students on the 10th February at the beautiful Chimney hotel in Cheshire. This 'inspire' day was jammed packed, and produced some wild and whacky nails. As you can see, everyone was engrossed in their own little world, and I think left feeling very creative and motivated. I am going back to do the next class - 'Create' on the 31st March, with some of them, and really looking forward to seeing just how far they have developed.

Going further North I had the pleasure of working with Jo Shirley again, and holding a two day fantasy workshop at Red 10 in Doncaster. Starting with an 'inspire' day, we then went onto the stronger stuff, and the 'create' workshop which allowed the girls to really shine. I have to say how proud I am to witness the development of all these techs.

When they start their days with me, they are full of doubt and scepticism, even after I assure them it is possible and they will be leaving with a whole new outlook, they still can't fully believe it.

Then they start to play, and I watch as they strip back their uncertainties and inhibitions, completely stepping into the 'zone' and build. Look at these pictures to see just how amazing they all are. I am going back to Doncaster for two more days in April, on the 14th & 15th, to do some Gel design and Fantasy.

I have also had the pleasure of visiting Scotland and spending a day with Ez Flow Scotland, the beautiful Christine Murdock and her fabulous husband Derek....wot a man. Also there was my mate Victoria Smith. This motivational woman not only blew my socks off with her words, as she always does, but she managed to stir up something up in the audience as well. The day was to show how design can work within your business, and how to utilize fantasy to develop your design skills and get inspired and try something different in the salon. Did it work? Well I think it did, we certainly had great feed back, and since I am going back up there on the 25th March to hold an 'inspire workshop I reckon it is the start of something amazing in Scotland. Derek tells me today that spaces are booking up fast,and it will be held in Glasgow it self at Urban Angels new Training rooms.

Well I am now at home enjoying some time with the children, not that they are in much, but I feel like I am catching up on being a mum, next week I have Excel and I am really looking forward to that. There is a couple of forums planned I think and of course demoing on the stand with the lovily Antony Buckley and Mary Seitzinger from the USA.

Come say hello......

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Get inspired....

I have just had a call from Jo Shirley in Doncaster telling me that there are only 2 places left on the 2 day fantasy workshop in Doncaster next week.

This 2 day class delves deeper into Fantasy helping you develop your own style and skills, giving you a direction with this aspect to the business. We will also explore design, and salon viable nails.

I thought some one might be interested, call Jo on 01302 340550. The classes are at Red10, 2 Heather Crt, Doncaster, DN2 5YL.

See you on the 12th and 13th Feb, 10am till 4pm.

Friday, 1 February 2008


Yes...... I entered the competition for design sculpt in LA..... call me crazy..... maybe I am mad....but in a burst of confidence after spending 2 days filming my DVD....which was a month ago now, I seem to remember pressing send after agreeing to enter…and instantly regretting it.

But I have always said entering comps is about enjoying the experience and learning what you can about your own application. So with this in mind I dragged my 'sorry butt outta bed' at 6am and I met up with my modal Monica, a complete stranger, Tiffany had called a friend, who drove for 7 hours to meet up and sit for 2 and half hours with a grumpy cow (me in the morning). She was brill and thankfully had nice nail beds.

I was surprisingly un nervous about it all, and did actually enjoy the comp, I had changed my idea for the design 3 times, and only had a chance to practice the day before once, I can tell you I was well over the two and a half hours allowed, so that was my main concern. With the help of the experts at hand, May Ling and Mary were brilliant, giving me additional tips and advice, Virgina supported me with her encouragement, and Tiffany boosted my confidence. As a team we all made it work.

So with 1 practice under my belt, I had to produce 10 competition nails using colour in a unique way....ha not that tough......ya. I decided on a close up of apples on a branch with little cartoon worms, the nail shape was lip stick, which was a little different to the norm, a risk I know...but some times you have to take them.

All over and they choose the top ten on the way to be judged the rest all go home, tough but a neat way of elimination. So as Monica was judged I had to sit and wait and wait and wait..... the awards weren't till the next day.

The wait was over and as you can see I got first place.

Then there was the problem of getting the trophey back to the UK, you can see how big it is, looks like I have to go shopping for another case.