Thursday, 13 March 2008

DVD - out now!!!

I am thrilled to announce that my New DVD is now ready and available to buy. This double disc DVD not only has 8 amazing fantasy designs for you to recreate but 10 hints and tips. It is based on my 'inspire & create' workshops.

To every one who has pre-ordered their copy of this DVD....thank you, as promised you will receive your copy with a signed step by step insert.

I hope you enjoy this DVD, and inspires you to create some beautiful piece of work.

please allow 10 working days for shipping, P&P will be applied.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Dates for March & April

Glasgow - 25th March - Inspire

Cheshire - 31st March - Create

Doncaster - 14th April - Fantasy Gel

London - 20th & 21st April - Competition

Tamworth - 28th April - Inspire

Cardiff - 29th April - Inspire

GET INSPIRED with....... this unique workshop establishes the benefits of building your design skills within your business and enhances personnel growth. Learn how to find inspiration and relax enough to develop your creative side, it is the first class of its kind to help you develop as a tech in all aspects….not just design.

Scotland - Glasgow on the 25th March at Urban Christine or Derek Murdock for more information on 0141 886 6168

Tamworth on the 28th April at Grafton Jane Cook on 01827253326

Cardiff on the 29th April at Triniti Beauty contact Vanessa Martin on 029 2022 7049

A class to CREATE ........ is a master class in fantasy, and the next step on from the 'inspire' workshop this class shows you more techniques and helps you to develop your style. This class is perfect if you want to develop ideas for competitions or photo shoots. Recommended after your inspire workshop.

Cheshire on 31st March hosted by with Caroline Hickey for more information contact her on 07974943681

Fantasy Gel workshop...This exciting workshop not only includes design ideas for the salon but techniques for fantasy. Gel design is relatively new to the UK, and this class is completely different. Including three amazing fantasy nails and two salon design nails, you will get to see and work with colour gels, mix and develop your own pallet and find out how far you can stretch this material.

Doncaster at Red 10 on the 14th April, call 01302325848 for more details.

COMPETITION London, Enfield, this is a two day competition workshop on 20th & 21st April.... contact Georgie Smedley on 01992 768777.

this fantastic event is designed to inspire and motivate you, and more importantly achieve your goals...


  • Preparation for a competition event
  • Choosing the right model
  • Using the best products that suit you
  • Competition shapes and lengths
  • Understanding structure
  • How do I create a perfect smile line?
  • Easy filing techniques
  • Getting that brilliant glass-like shine
  • Perfect varnishing techniques

  • find inspiration
  • learn how to think outside the box
  • develop a design
  • new techniques
  • control your product
  • how different temperatures and chemicals effect your control
  • manipulate your materials to suit your needs