Thursday, 11 December 2014

On Line learning

There seems to be a feeding frenzy for on line learning lately,  looking for creative input nail professionals can be found visiting youtube for a quick fix,  trying to figure out how someone has created the latest look or nail application.  Peering at their screen waiting for the  outcome of some complicated nail, without fully learning the basics or the detail on the application. Disregarding product knowledge and not learning the potential of the tools and materials they have in their hands.  With step by steps and images posted daily on all forms of social media to share the knowledge or just sell a product,  most nail techs would admit they have based their on going education through Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. I hold my hands up, I am one of those people that say "if I don't know how,  I you tube it".

I love technology, I love education this is no secret and I am right at the front of the queue when there is something available which combines both - but value for money is  must, we don't just want the same old 3 min films we see on you tube, we are looking for information we would only get on a class.  As a nail professional if I am going to watch a film, I want to seem like i am there right next to the educator sucking her dry of all the information I can.

Paying for a subscribed service which gives you a monthly or weekly learning tool has to benefit you in some way, payment to long to an exclusive group comes with benefits, there is always the option to pay as you go, but the added bonus of discounts, direct contact with your educator for feedback and critic and other informative information just not available on line has to be the plus side, all available right in your own inbox.  The last thing we need is to be  inundated with even more news letters, promises of being rich when you follow this or that program, and a lot of sales patter and offers.

 Online learning should solve 2 problems;
  1. in-depth learning which is inaccessible due to distance or time
  2. in depth learning which is on hand night or day, with continued feed back and critic.
  • on line learning should give you something new to improve your business and general nail knowledge. 
  • on line learning should give you a different insight into something you might already know, making you look at a nail application differently or give you a new method. 
  • on line learning has the potential to revolutionise the industry if it is done properly, with a dedicated team to support the members and give them what they ask for. 
On line should be value for money, every one is running a business and a healthy flow of funds into dedicated education, which is sought after and available regardless of the country you live or the time zone. I would personally be willing to pay for something that is  available and accessible day or night, depending on my own schedule,  I don't need to travel and I can attend a class in my PJ's, no make up with a big bar chocolate and a glass of wine.

With 2 online video workshops available can see for yourself how you can update your skills without sacrificing time, money or other commitments which prevent you attending a real life workshops....don't stop your self from growing with the industry; check out this link for more info...

As you can tell I  am  an avid supporter of on line learning, in fact any education in our industry is a must and I feel we should set aside hours to invest in our craft. updating skills and building our knowledge. I have been working on a solution which might just be just what your looking for too.
I can't say too much, but the launch is right around the corner, we tried with the NAIL-inar in November, which was a resounding success in some ways but highlighted problems in other areas.  So I went back to the drawing board, and have come up with something stronger, simpler and more accessible, regardless of the time zone or our work schedules and finances.

Launch date is not planned until Funerary 2015, but I shall keep you updated, if you can't wait and want to be one of the first to find out what is going one, then please enter your details below and I shall add you to the list.

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