Saturday, 21 February 2009

A selection of silver

Using silver foil to enhance your design, add texture and depth is a great way of setting your self apart from the rest.
With this trio of silver nails I wish to bring you three different styles using this great media. Foil is wonderful for adding a new dimension to your nails.
These designs enhance the stiletto shape, adding colour and definition to bring out the best of this shape.

I just wanted to let you know about the three new step by steps available on click on the downloads page and receive your 4 page copy, containing these three step by steps.

This is a very simple and effective nail, enhanced by using silver leaf over the nail bed area, this is optional, this design looks just as good without.

This design incorporates texture and adds a new dimensions with the holes in the free edge. Giving a delicate look to the design. It is difficult to see on the image but you will find the added foil gives depth and dimension to this look.

This is my favourite nail, using colour to enhance the shape this nail looks long and slender. I have used black on the edges of this nail, but this look would be great using purple adding the extra element of foil brings this look to life.

The foil I have used in these designs where from NFU.oh and the colours where made available from Ez Flow nail systems.
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Monday, 16 February 2009

Photographic workshop

4 places available - Cardiff 22nd Feb 2009

I would like to invite you to join me this weekend in Cardiff. I have only four places available on this unique and original workshop which will show you how to capture your fantastical works of art for all to see.
I love to take a good photo, and using this within my business has secured International success, having three front covers, numerous images supporting articles and features and creating looks for advertising campaigns I am lucky to have some experience in this field, together we can get the best from your compact.

The aim of this workshop is to inspire you to take images of your work, and produce pictures for promotion. By the end of the day my objective is to help you capture an image of nails using a compact camera, develop a concept and style your photograph .
This class is not just about photography, instead it will show you how to utilizing this medium within your business. Helping you promote yourself within your business and the industry. There will be no application of nails today.

If you would like to join me in Cardiff, let me know on or call me on 07841656898. to book your place for just £95. normal price £125.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Sam's nail bed blends.

Over the years I have been asked how I create my nail bed colour, as it is a custom blend for me, it is difficult to pin point a specific recipe, however if you use the following as a base, you can add or remove colours depending on how light, pink or even peach you want to make it.
I have perfected this recipe to suit my application, and using a combination of different powders allows me the versatility to work with my acrylic. The only thing you need to remember is that you are achieving an opaque cover. You will need to supplement your transparent pinks with something that has a white base. Don’t be afraid to mix your collections, ultimately you will need only a small amount of this pink when you use it on your nail bed extension, it won’t be used to create structure and strength to the nails. I use this custom blend to extend my short nail beds, it is great on my clients who have that impossible habit of nail biting, and someone with bruising or discoloured nail beds.
Along with a pink blend I have added an additional peachy blend recipe. This was inspired by a blend from Antony Buckley, and I use this when I want to tone down the nail bed, or use yellows, gold's and warm shades. I have added a small amount of fine glitter, this is optional.

I have used a cover pink available from Ez Flow nail systems for the base of this blend. You can however use a standard pink and add more pansy and white to it.
Step 1—add 1/2 teaspoon of cover pink to your container.
Step 2—1/4 teaspoon of pansy, this is available from Ez Flow’s pastel collection, it is a rich pink with a white opaque base.
Step 3—1/4 teaspoon of white powder. You can adjust these measurement according to the colour of the nail bed your making this for, I personally have very pink beds. To add a warmer, peachy tinge to your nail beds, you could add some wall flower from the pastel collection, a pale orange, alternatively a pale lilac for a cooler shade.
Step 4—mix well.

As I mentioned before to make a peachy nail bed, ideal when your using a warmer pallet on the free edge, then you could try the following recipe.

Step1 -Follow steps 1 and 2, then in stead of adding the white as in step 3, add gold. This gold is from Ez flows earth stones collection, it is a pale rich gold.
Step 2—to get a deeper peach colour you have the option of adding wall flower, this will make it darker and more orange, so be careful how much you add.
Step 3—for a little shimmer, add 1/4 teaspoon of glitter powder, make sure you mix the colours well before you use.

For more step by steps visit, for every down load you purchase receive this step by step PDF Free.

Monday, 9 February 2009


This gold collection has been made with the idea that you will find inspiration through these designs, create your own masterpieces in different colour ways and using alternative mediums. bring back the use of nail art mediums, and use them within our acrylic design nails.

In each of the three nails the common thread is the gold foil. Using it in three different ways to show you how to incorporate it into your own designs.

I am also keen to show you different application techniques to achieve interesting effects and how to create depth, and texture by using colour. Find out how to utilize the shape of the nails to enhance your design.

You can find this trio on on the downloads page. Click now to receive your copy of this 4 page PDF, detailed step by step with a wealth of information to help and inspire you.

Rivers of Gold.
This design was created using a simple technique of apply and remove. Not only will it give depth to your design, but from the underside you will have a look of a solid gold nail. This interesting nail gives you the look of multi layers, and is so simple and quick to apply.

Gold Treasure.
This nail looks like a treasure map, with a river of glitter dividing the islands of gold. Using a similar technique as before, we can create depth using the gold and acrylic. But with a little more thought and application we can develop the nail and design a look suitable for any given situation. Create this nail in various different colour combinations, what ever you do you can’t get this look wrong.

Gold with a twist
I love this look, the way the pattern twists it’s way down the free edge, making the stiletto seem longer and thinner. Using glitters and the gold foil the patterns on the nails are more interesting.
COMING SOON- a selection of silver nails, using silver foil. The foil and micro beads I have used in these designs where from NFU.oh and the colours where made avaialble from Ez Flow nail systems.
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