Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Texture and Trends

Texture and Trends.

As a professional nail technician we need to keep our eye on the nail trends and make sure we are the first to offer the new hues and different highlights of this seasons colours to our customers.    But it seems for 2012 we are starting to see a little more variation, it is not just about colour anymore  and I am not talking nail art either.  Whilst there is little argument to say the classic nail looks will always be in the top ten,  now we are starting to see a growing phenomenon take shape. I think this is largely due to the availability of the different nail applications on the high street. 

Nails are taking center stage and they are  no longer just about shape, patterns and colours, we are seeing a growth in  textured nails, which are giving our delighted pinkies an added twist.  From the crackle glaze effects, to the magnetic polishes,  the high gloss nail wraps like minx verses the Matt finish, my personal favorite is Orlys matt finish top coat. Whats exciting is that we are starting to see new ways of adding texture to the nails which I am very pleased to say are still very wearable. Original Sugar  have just launched their new Velvet manicure system, a very soft and velvet effect for the added luxury verses Ciates Caviar manicure a 3D texture like tiny hundred and thousands added to the nails.  I think nails have just taken a giant leap into a new dimension.  

Antique Effect.

China glaze are just one of the polishes that create a crazy crackled glazed effect on the nails. By simple applying a base colour and then the crackle glaze over the dry under layer, you just need to sit back and watch the magic happen. You can also create this effect by simply adding water based paint onto the inhibition layer (sticky surface) of gel polish topcoat.  This way you can actually achieve a more detailed effect and it seems to be thinner.  once you have the desired antiquing you simple reapply another layer of topcoat and cure. 

Leather Effect.

Using actual  leather or snake skin to create a texture on the nails is a brilliant way to get this effect.  It does require more effort on your part but gives stunning results.  By simply using resign to apply re cut pieces of leather onto the nails you can achieve this result. Alternatively use snake skin and cap with gel.  Another more consumer friendly  option is to use nail polishes with a rubberized texture like The Theatre of the Nameless collection from Illamasqua’s which goes on as normal but then dries to a slightly waxy/rubber finish. 

Matt v Gloss.

This is not a new effect, but very simple to achieve.  It is very subtile and works better with darker colours like, blacks, blues and greens. Apply your base colour and then a matt top coat, leave to dry.  Using a fine detail brush size 0 or 00 dip this into your gloss top coat and apply a pattern on the matt surface.  it creates an embossed effect on the surface of the nails, which catches the light, however subtle. 

Magnetic Polish.

 This is a unique formula which has been specially developed with metallic particles to create a pattern on the nail using magnetic forces. As the magnet is held over the nail, the iron powder in the formulation gravitates toward the magnet forming the pattern/design secretly hidden in the magnet for an astonishing finish. Nails Inc, the consumer  have hidden their magnets in the lid of the polish bottles, but what is more exciting is that Harmony are the first to launch this application with gel polish. 

Caviar Manicure.

A great idea for at-home nail art Ciate have just launched their caviar manicure, in kit form you apply small caviar like beads onto wet varnish. Nail technicians will know these as bouillon beads and they have been around for a while, however the idea of offering this out to clients to apply at home is marvelous.  Certainly means that this growing trend will be utilized by the masses who don’t attend salons every other week. Check out www.ciate.co.uk for more information.
The Velvet Manicure.
Another launch set to rock the nail world is the velvet manicure. Sported by lady gaga, Velveteen is now available to the professional nail technician and consumer alike.  I can see this effect being quite addictive,  I just couldn’t stop stroking it, it is like carrying 10 tiny comfort blankets around with you. Completely wearable and applied over regular polish or gel polish. by simply sprinkling it onto the wet surface and either curing it or leaving it to dry.  Velveteen is available to the nail technician through Be creative at www.sambiddle.co.uk or the consumer through www.originalsugar.com.
Swarovski Crystal Manicure.

Adding a little or a lot of bling to your nails however long or shot is sure to have people crossing the room in order to grab your hands and gasp.  It is the next best thing to wearing a rock on your ring finger. Don’t be shy pile it on, and only use only the best crystals to ensure added sparkle.  You can keep it to just one finger or go all out and adorn all the nails. Applied over nail polish or enhancement.  Swarovski crystals are now available to the consumer at www.originalsugar.com.  as nail art is becoming more popular in the main stream it seems original sugar is the one stop online shop for all nail art supplies for the high street. 
Textured Metallic.

Adding gold leaf into gold polish gives a brilliant textured metallic effect, which is always a winner at any event.  applied directly over wet gel polish or regular polish, it will create shades and shadows on the nails, especially teamed with black, using gold leaf will create a show stopping red carpet look. Gold leaf is available from crafting stores like hobby crafts however www.originalsugar.com provide you with a nail friendly option. 

Nail Wraps.

Technically these are a textured effect, probably one of the first on the market....it is very very very glossy and smooth, especially if you opt for the silver or gold.  Minx is probably one of those names which pop up in everyones minds as soon as you mention nail wraps . Having attended most red carpets on the fingers and toes of celeb world.  The single plastic layer is applied to a customer after heating and voilĂ ! perfect nails without the multiple steps of a base coat, two color coats, drying time and possible smudging. Giving us a large array of designs and patterns, and you don’t always have to use heat to apply like Trendy nail wraps and Kooky nail wraps.  Rebel Nails the consumer alternatives to this super smooth application. www.rebelnails.co.uk. Minx is available from www.sweetsquared.com.

Create your own Texture.

Look around you and see what materials can give you a brilliant texture, Rebecca Orme international educator for Ez Flow nail systems has supplied this great step by step which has been created over a gel polish.  By simply using a laundry bag, pressed into the wet surface, Rebecca has created a leather effect on the nails...without using leather.