Saturday, 22 December 2007

A Christmas gift...


I just wanted to post a little Christmas wish on here, and a thank you to everyone who has spent time perusing this site.

Christmas is just around the corner, and if I use my daughters words.....' i just can't wait anymore...this is torture'.....we are all winding down our businesses and the Christmas rush is ebbing, now it is time to tuck into the mince pies and break open the Baileys...(diets are for whimps, let those inner demons rule!!). Please have a drink for me and enjoy this time, what ever your circumstances, it is just one moment to be treasured and remembered, for each of these moments combined make you the person you are today.

Relax and enjoy and I send you the richest of wishes to you all.


Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Challange results - runners up.

Here it is......the long awaiting runners up, I am so sorry it has taken so long, but the decisions like these where so hard to make, I would love to blame this delay on a virtual battle via email between Amber, Victoria and my self about who's should come third and then second, I would also like to blame your wait on father time, as it seems he came in the night and stole some of mine, 1 week suddenly turned into 2...or is it more like 3. You decide which excuse to listen to, but first just except my apologise for the delay and thanks for your emails prompting me to post.

We decided to publish the results for the runners up as voted by in third place with a fantastic Xmas flower...which showed consistency with her petals is........

Lauri Dicker


The second place is awarded, I loved the shape and natural organic look of the well done to..........

Jeni Smith


And thank you to everyone who Voted for these three and the other great entries, which included.....

Anne Roberts

Jane Dempster

Katy Writtle

Susan Loasby

and not forgetting...James.

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Why Fantasy?

This is a question that has been asked over and over again, why should I concentrate on fantasy nails? How does it benefit me or my client? They can't wear it and the chances of getting a film or advertising deal are tell me why?....
Producing a fantasy nail, once, requires a level of skill and product knowledge that most professional techs should have. However producing the same nail over again and making it into a theme is an art. Creating the design and making it look 'organic' and 'real' will only go to show how you have developed at as tech. there is a story to tell with your designs, and each finger is a small chapter in that story.
So why does it benefit you?

Learning about how your products behave, how you can manipulate the product and change the effects with simple techniques and ingredients will only improve your salon and competition nails. Becoming focused on the acrylic or gel and letting it work its magic between your finger tips will strengthen your skills. Each time you allow your self some creative freedom, you let something happen which is out of your control these ideas can be diluted and transferred to salon viable designs.

How does it benefit the client?

Yes your right..... they aren't going to ask you to place a rose on the free edge and then nip to Waitrose and do their weekly shop, but they do come to you and have their nails rebalance because your the best nail tech in your area who is constantly improving their skills. You have a passion about your craft and make an effort to update your skills. Show them this with your designs, make them wonder 'how' you could produce something so delicate and beautiful out of a nail application. Let them see just how talented a tech you really are. Sometimes we need to inspire the clients with 'what ifs' even if these possibilities are not used the message is still the same, you are the best at what you do, and they are happy to be on your books.

Never step learning how, keep your knowledge updated and then you will have the power to do anything you set your mind to.

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

We have a WINNER!

Hazel Dixon from Norfolk

Hazel began working through her Masters Classes with Victoria Smith; Distributor and Educator for Ez Flow in 2007

Her technical ability and the progress she has made along with her vast knowledge and enthusiasm for her industry, will make her a valuable asset to any team. Working from home and as a mobile tech, Hazel intends to continue working through her Masters program and aim towards achieving Educator status.


Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Design & Fantasy with Jo Shirley

I thought I would up date you on the happenings at Red 10 nail bar and Jo Shirleys fanastic new concept with Colour. I was invited to join her and demostrate at an open evening at Red 10 nail bars on the 3rd December, with nearly 40 guests all eager to learn more about utilizing design in their slaon and business we were packed. Jo demostrated design nails for the salon, using the new time to shine collection from Ez Flow....oh my.... it is divine, I have now laid my hands on one and and can promise you it is a real treat.
I was demostrating fantasy, and explained the importantce of building your skills, which can then be transfered to your salon designs. exploring your creativity can only benifit your self.

Then to top it off, the teches could try out the colours and new designs on a try me table, a fantastic idea which was manned by two brilliant women who had just completed an 'inspire' fantasy workshop with me that day. Jo Coates and Anglela Metcalfe.

Jo has big plans for colour in the North east, having booked two further dates with me (see dates list to your right) for fantasy in both acrylic and gel next year........ she has already got 50% booked.

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Thank You

Everyone who has voted for your best nail in the fantasy challenge. I was amazed with the response. I will be sending the results and pics off to both Amber and Victoria who will announce the winner.

By the end of the week, I hope to post the favorite three.

A Christmas fantasy....step by step

Step 1; Using gold, from the earth stones collection, lay a base onto your form and create leaves over the area where the flower will sit.

Step 2; Inlay gold foil in clear on a form in a leaf shape. When nearly set cut into the sides of the leaf.
Arrange these onto the gold leaves on your form.

Step 3; Ruby from the gem stones collection is a great red to use to create the petals of your flower. You will need to place these onto your form and lift just as they are setting, to get a more organic look

Step 4; Roll out the red carpet is a fantastic glitter powder from the walk of fame collection, use this to create four more petals for the centre of your flower.

Step 5 Place a bead of emerald onto a form, when dry, lift and cut round the edges to fray it, place it into the centre of the flower.

Step 6; Place a bead of gold glitter acrylic into the centre of the green, and embellish with a gold gem.

Friday, 7 December 2007

Nail it this Christmas

It seems every year Christmas comes around all too soon, and we are dragging out the tired old decorations and same old special offers, in the hope we can inspire and entice clients to have something wonderful and new. Traditionally ‘Party time’ the Christmas holidays and new year festivities can only mean a boost to your business and with a little enthusiasm and encouragement, our clients will look good and feel great as they step out the doors of our salons.
It is best to start early reminding people to think ahead. Sending out a newsletter to introduce some exciting new Christmas offers and products is a start, and ideally done at the beginning of November. Special offers don’t just have to be for funky fingers and relaxing treatments…tie two treatments together and offer discounts, never give your time away, just tailor the treatment for the occasions. Every little black dress is accompanied with some slinky sandals; offer a pedicure along side your manicures and some toe art with a bit of bling. Nail extensions and eyelash tints or waxing with manicures, all your skills can be utilized. With a straight ‘money off’ discount for both, your diary will fill up in no time. You must also remember these clients might just enjoy their new experience and rebook again. New bookings or referrals are also a great way to offer a discount and attract new business, as this is an expensive time of year, any savings are welcome. In my experience the clients will always end up spending more any way; with additional encouragement from you to purchase stocking fillers, gift vouchers and other treatments during their appointment.

Gift vouchers will go along way to maintain your business during the quiet times, all those purchased vouchers have to be redeemed in the New Year, with potential new clients and a busy diary for January. Remember the husbands and boy friends find it increasingly difficult to buy for their partners, and a healthy gift voucher for their loved one can save them the trauma of ‘getting it wrong…again’. Offer a discount on your Vouchers, perhaps 10% off if they buy over £30. This will increase revenue over the busy period without having to work the extra hours. And when everything calm’s down in the New Year, you will be able to give more time and energy for your new clients, whom, fingers crossed, become loyal. Your diary should start filling up now, get all our regular clients to pre book their appointments until February, thus avoiding disappointment. You must prepare for the new business your promotions will bring in so pre plan your New Year offers and by mid December start promoting them.

Decorate your salon with products and get your clients in the mood, dressing the tree with mini bottles of polish hung with a pretty ribbon, which can all be sold before Christmas, is a neat and effective idea, you could have a couple of mini trees, all colour coordinated. Hang glass or silver Christmas balls in your window and with nail varnish decorate them, showing your special offers and discounts, in the new winter colour range. Buy a little gift for your regulars to encourage loyalty, wrap them and leave them under the tree until their appointment. Send out a Christmas card to your entire data base, regardless of who they are, and remind them of your special offers. Even those clients who have not visited you on a regular basis would welcome a card and invitation to book. Two weeks before Christmas offer mince pies to your clients while they wait, mulled wine, hot chocolate and marshmallows create a little bit of heaven, in this hectic and frenzied period. Offer them a treat and make them feel special and wanted.

And Apply
These Holidays are a perfect excuse to get out the bling and sparkle your way through the dark nights, but not all of your clients would enjoy having design nails. Offer them something different, a little bit extra… holly or snowflakes on just one finger might just entice them to be more adventurous! Christmas gives you endless ideas for nail art, hand painted or 3D. Have your glitter acrylic powders out and ready, reds and gold’s go perfect with anything you would wear, as long as it twinkled, and the darker the colours this winter the better, metallic’s and chocolate, purples and greens. Lead by example, wear your nails with pride, and show off those perfect 10. Clients can not visualize how design nails will look, and if you indulge your inner fantasist, maybe they will too.

I wish you a great Christmas this year, and hope it is a profitable success, remember attitude is everything, make your customers feel special and your business will shine.

This article was written for and published in the December 2007 addition of Health and Beauty salon Magazine.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

An Audience with Sam Biddle... Challenge results!

After the challenge was set at Victoria Smith's design seminar, I never imagined I would receive so many entries and from unlikely sources too. Following the step by steps they received on the day I am very impressed in the level of skill and honoured to be part of something inspiring. I feel privilege to share these wonderful pieces of work here.

My only problem is there can only be one winner.

So Victoria and I thought it would be great to let you decide. email me the name of the person who you think has produced the best nail before the 8th December, and be a part of this difficult decision. I will forward this information to Victoria and Amber and they will decide the overall winner. that was easy wasn't it.