Thursday, 5 November 2009

Ballerina film

I hope you enjoy my new Fantasy nail design, on this film I show how I create a dancing ballerina. I hope you find it useful. I have created this film to support the Pure fantasy double disc DVD now available at



If you would like me to send you your own copy of this DVD email me at

Saturday, 17 October 2009

From Cyprus to Manchester......

I am home now, after a marathon of workshops, demonstrations, judging and college classes, not just in the UK, I even fitted in a trip to Sunny Cyprus.

It has been a wonderful and inspiring couple of weeks, and although I miss being at home, I did have John with me for some of it.

A couple of weeks ago, I jumped on a plane and visited Helen Keating in Limossol Cyprus, who, with her impressive CV, has managed to take Cyprus by storm over the past few years. Working with nail technicians, SPA’s and Hotels and salons all over the island, she has taken the small nail industry out there and turned it on its head.

Bringing in a need for further education and inspiring nail technicians by bringing in people like me from the UK, who has a different way of working with acrylic and gel. Although Helen is a CND sub distributor, she is keen to bring a variety of skills from a wide range of technicians, regardless of brand, to help the industry grow on this small Island.

'I want to show nail technicians what's available to them, and give them an opportunity to learn from other nail professionals' say’s Helen. I spent a couple of days with Helen and her team, and we provided two amazing days;

  • Day 1 - Gel...working with gel colours, we came up with four great new idea's and applications to help techs use this medium effectively in their salons, and on their clients. Covering marbling, feathering, flowers and encapsulation, we managed to fill the day with some great new skills.
  • Day 2 - Fantasy and designs...we took the rose and started working with our acrylic, creating a 3D fantasy flower, then translated this into design nails. This is a great way to break down a 3D subject, like a rose, and create a 2D master piece on the nails.

Yes...I have to admit, we did eat and drink loads....I love the Cypriot food, I should I was born there, it must be in my blood! Of course I couldn’t leave before re-connecting with the Mediterranean and dipping my toes into the sea..... It's thanks to Helen and Pete (and of course Pumpkin) who made me very welcome...I do plan to return to Cyprus in 2010.

Arriving back to a wet and cold England, I only had three days to get organized for my week in the North;

First I was spending two days at G’mex in Manchester, which is always a treat, it is an opportunity to catch up with some of you and check out what’s new in the world of nails…but I had something else to look forward to….I was working with the girls from IBD.

It’s confusing isn’t it…. most of you know me through Ez Flow, and although I still work closely with Ez Flow in the UK, I am very honoured to be asked to work with other exceptional brands.

I love gel……I think it is under estimated…there is room to work this product, which is why I got a sticky with IBD at Gmex. Thank you Kerry…who was my voice for the two days…hurling abuse at me with her mic (ooooops…sorry did I say that aloud) and Louise…who I managed to steal from ( I have your acrylic brush…sorry).

Demoing nonstop on the stand, I went all out with the designs…working to create some new idea’s which you can use in the salon….and to top it off…there was some amazing offers; but the best one is yet to come… training day with me…for just….£25.

Held in Tamworth on the 3rd December, you’re invited to join me and receive some greaten new recipes for your IBD soak off gels, and learn a couple of new techniques to include on your design nails Using IBD’s Soak of gels and find out how you can work smart with this great medium. If your not yet signed up….join my mailing list now and you will be the first to get more info on this fabulous offer. email me on ( mark subject; mailing list please)

I was also asked to Judge ….wow…how amazing was some of the work….I want to especially

mention Vicki Taylor Dodds, who did a superb job on the fantasy competition….finally bringing together everything she has learnt to produce a winning combination.

Also Keiko….who produced the boxed nails which were my favourite…..the

detail on the hands and faces where brilliant… she is certainly one to watch in the future. Michelle Brookes also produces three great images for the photographic competition, but my favourite was strawberry fields, a great image to have in your salon.

Monday came, and I wasn’t going to heading home, instead I pointed my car further North and headed to Harrogate. The rest of the week was filled with design workshops, fantasy days and finally finishing on Friday in Stockport for an advanced design class. Thank you everyone who attended.

What’s next; well I am happy to say I am closer to home for the next few weeks, with a few one to one’s training in my diary, a day in the IOW and then I am then heading to Cornwall for my design class in Truro. November; I am flying up to Affinti nails and beauty in Glasgow and working with Derek where I am offering you a day of gel and acrylic designs for Christmas.

Until next time…Sx

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Take a Break to ask your self.

Have you got a minute? Well five actually, to spend over coffee, or in between clients, and to ask yourself some very important questions. Why? you ask. Well let me ask you this question first….do you realise your own potential? do you have any idea what is available out there for you?

You must have seen the range of different opportunities available in this industry to help make your business grow and prosper. I am sure your well aware of the many experts who can help you find the missing piece to that business building puzzle, and I know that you fully appreciate what a difference using design within your business can make.

But then it comes to making that important deceision, wondering if you should or shouldn't utilize these opportunities. Well I have come up with a little questionaire, to help you ask the right questions, instead of asking the same old ones, which don't give you the answers like;

Is this workshop right for me? How will this class benefit me? How can I improve myself and my business?

Try asking yourself these few questions to pin point just what might suit you and why. Pick the answer which best sums you up. Oh yes, and try to be honest.

1. How often do you work with colour in the salon?

a. Is there colour acrylic and gel available

b. My clients never ask for it.

c. Always, every day at least one of my clients has a full set of design nails.

2. Do you know how to introduce colour and design to the clients?

a. I suppose they will come in and ask me for it.

b. There are magazines out on the table.

c. I wear design nails all the time and have examples on my walls.

3. Do you have a draw filled to over flowing with glitter, gems and foils?

a. I didn’t know you could add stuff to nails

b. I have seen these at the shows, but never know what to do with them.

c. Every time I open my “happy draw” to get inspiration, it’s full of shiny sparkly things.

4. When your clients arrive, and you ask them what they would like you to do for them today, what do they say?

a. “Oh the usual please”.

b. My client is so specific she even tells you which brush to use.

c. My clients say’s those two magic words “ you decide”

5. A new salon has just opened in the same town/street/around the corner from you, are you?

a. Worried, in case you lose some of your precious business.

b. No problem, competition is good, the more people that wear nails, the more popular it will get.

c. Not worried, they can’t provide the range of services, and designs you can give.

6. Further education within the nail industry can be great?

a. I don’t agree - I learnt all I need to on my foundation/beginners/college course. Why do I need to spend money learning extra stuff?

b. I want to go on extra workshops but I can never decide what is best for me, and if the stuff I learn on the class will be useful in my business.

c. I try and attend at least three different workshops a year, I try new brands, techniques and companies so I have a range. Every time I come back from a class, I introduce something new to my clients, and they always love it, they end up paying for the workshops and then some.

Mostly A

You might not know it yet, or even think it, but a workshop will help you! Especially the be inspired -‘designs for the salons’ It will help answer some of your questions and just give you an insight into an amazing opportunity you have at your finger tips. You might just be realizing now how hard it is to be self employed nail technicians, so let me help you turn your job into a career and exploit the passion which is just sitting beneath the service. Remember you’re drawn to this creative career for a reason, let your inner child out to play for a while, you might like the game.

Mostly B

You are well on your way; you have plenty of passion and drive to introduce colour and design effectively into your work. But like me you probably have a few unanswered questions, which any of these workshops might just help you with. You have seen what you need to do, let me show you how to do it.

Mostly C

You have a balance of creativity and passion, and I am sure I must have seen your work already. In fact you have probably already attended one of my classes. But you probably already know that the thing this workshop will give you is more inspiration, some extra little tips and tricks that might be new to you, and of course an wealth of new experiences which you can use in your designs. Looking forward to working with you!

If you have found this helpful, please pass it on. It is amazing how something this simple can help change someone's future. Don't let your competition benefit from the advantages of knowing the right decisions to make, and which choices to take.

for more information on how I can help you email me on

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Does your imagination earn you a great income?

I wonder does your creativity stands out from the crowd……. would you like to know how to get the best from your products?

Let me show how colour can help you beat the competition and how a few tips and tricks can make design nails sell!

Karen Thresher desperately wanted to move into doing more exciting nails and offer her clients something different to the competition on the corner. Last year after attending a class, she has opened her salon Nr Chard, Somerset which is a massive success. She says “ the be inspired classes are amazing, you look at things around you in a different light, and draw inspiration from them, the whole day gave me much more confidence. Sam makes you believe you can achieve anything and is so down to earth”

Kim Engley works as a college tutor and owns a successful business in Cornwall, she attended the new Design for the Salon workshop in July “ I have actually learnt new techniques in the application of both gel and acrylic which has inspired me to be more adventurous, I would defiantly recommend this class to help boost confidence in putting new methods and designs into practice”

Do you think you have more to learn in this industry? Is there something else you could offer your clients to beat the competition?

I wrote and article for Scratch magazine about Independent Education, which was inspired by Yvonne Cockerill an extremely talented nail tech of 6 years from Coventry; she says about continuing your education “it keeps you stimulated and inspires you to think of different things”. About the workshops “ I have been on many courses over the years but I have to say the last couple of days have given me a wealth of knowledge” learning new skills which has helped business grow.

Now you can have the confidence to work with gel and acrylic and produce some stunning design nails.

Designs for the Salon is a day covering design nails in both gel and acrylic. Take away a dozen new idea’s, learn amazing new application techniques to make your nails come alive, and find out how to produce design nails which are suitable for the salon. A wealth of tips, tricks and latest trends so you don’t fall behind the competition and learn how to earn a great income.

Now is your chance to become a master of design.

You can join us in London next week, on Sunday 27th September and only has three places left. Book today. Email me on or call on 07841656898

Deadline for bookings is Wednesday 23rd 5.00pm

Sunday, 6 September 2009

NEW DATES - Book today...limted places

I thought I would pop this list of my workshop dates for September, October and November. Places are limited, so if you haven't yet, please book today by emailing me on

  • London- I only have three places left on this class, and I will need your confirmations by the end of the week, please email me for more information.
  • Leeds & Sheffield - these two dates are very popular, and since it is my first time so far North, I didn't want you to miss out on booking your seat. Next workshops in this area are likely to be in October 2010
  • Stockport - is officially full, but I could squeeze one more in, as I won't be returning till 2010
  • Peterborough - back by popular demand, this advanced design class is a perfect way to take a leap up the 'nail ladder', and make your business stand out.
  • Cornwall - I know you have all been waiting for some decent dates, I am putting one two fantastic classes, please don't delay, and confirm your place today.
  • Scotland - has not been forgotten, working with Affiniti nails and beauty, we are providing you with a Christmas workshop you will remember

Sunday, 23 August 2009

My Brush top ten tips!

Just take a moment right now…and think… you know where your brush is?

As you close your eyes do you see it safe and sound or does it lie neglected. If you have ever had me in your class room you will know what I am like when it comes to brush care, Oh yes……I can get all hot and bothered when I see crimes against brushes, especially when I see bristles bound and gagged with chunks of dried acrylic.

This little guide is for you…… not to learn something new…. but to remind you of what you already know. If this list doesn’t apply to you and you deserve a gold star from me then pass it on to your students, or colleagues at work,

I give you my 10 commandments to treat your brush with respect, you never know it might just pay dividends later.

· Acrylic sticks to acrylic they are drawn together like ships in the night, so make sure that your brush doesn’t have a speck of acrylic on it, even during the application.

· Don’t touch your brush; the oil from your finger tips isn’t helpful.

· When applying your bead, make sure you have enough monomer in your bristles, it is no good starting your car journey without a full tank, think of the liquid as your fuel during application.

· Before you put the brush away, and at this stage it should be before your spread file dust all over it, make sure you clean it, with monomer, and leave enough monomer in the bristles to keep it conditioned. You are looking at repeating the same cleaning process when you re start your next acrylic application.

· If you find you have any product within the bristles don’t pick then out with tools or cut them with scissors, dissolve them in monomer first and then a brush cleaner if this doesn’t work.

· Your brush is the most important part of your kit; you will never be able to create a good set without a good brush. Invest in one which will make your job easier.

· Use the correct brush for the correct job. If you’re looking at producing a clean sharp smile line or delicate flowers it is better to use an oval brush with a point, rather than a flat or round end.

· Don’t be afraid to use the barrel of your brush the thickest part in the middle of the bristles, to press your acrylic out. The tip is too flexible, and the pressure is more evenly distributed through the barrel of your brush, also you will find it will make a more even application.

· When applying an acrylic bead, twist it off the brush, in other words twist the brush to leave a bead on the surface of the nail, remove any excess acrylic left on the bristles and then start pressing it out. Don’t wipe too much monomer from your brush; remember you need this as fuel.

· If you find that the acrylic is too sticky, your brush has either acrylic on it or it is too wet. Dab it a little on your bed roll.

Friday, 31 July 2009

Ten Top Tips for Gel!

If you could give your gel application a score from 1-10, where 1 is a disaster and 10 is remarkably good, what score would you give yourself? If you gave yourself a 9 or a 10, don’t read this post.

These are ten of my own top tips to make your gel application great.

If you have any questions you can email me on or if you wuld like me to email you a PDF copy.

1. Preparation is the key, make sure that the natural nails are completely dehydrated. All the non living tissue is removed and you have a rough surface to apply your gel to.

2. If you are using a tip, you need to take off the shiny surface, otherwise the gel will not be able to cling to the tip, and this will leave you with little shiny mirror pockets. This applies to white tips and clear or natural ones.

3. To prevent lifting; When you apply gel for the first time, apply a very very thin layer over the whole surface of your nail, ‘rub’ or ‘brush’ this into the surface of your nail.. when I say thin I am talking thinner than polish…..then you will need to freeze cure this for a few seconds, this first layer will shrink onto the nail and leave you with a tight hold, now continue to apply your gel as normal.

4. Have you got the correct strength lamp bulbs, remember the bulbs have a shelf life, and if they are old they won’t be as effective. You won’t get your gel to cure at the right speed, and this may cause lifting.

5. Be gentle with gel, you have to guide it…not shove it with your brush, you should be able to apply gel using just a tooth pick……use your brush to ‘show your gel the way’. Your gel (assuming it is a god quality, self levelling building gel) is intelligent enough to do most of your job for you….let it!

6. The more you play with your gel, the thinner the viscosity….in other words it will get runnier and less controllable.

7. After applying your final gel layer, place the finger into the lamp up side down for the first few seconds, gel will ‘relax’ when it goes under the light, and by drawing it down, it won’t settle on either side of the nails…making the nails look heavy and fat.

8. When doing pink and whites, or creating detail with colour, it is easier if you have a second clean gel brush. Wipe along the applied gel to give you a clean sharp line. It sometimes helps to dip this brush in some cleaner.

9. Apply the brakes! If you don’t want your gel to go in a certain place on the nail, for example; the free edge if creating a reverse smile line, then don’t apply that first thin layer in this area. The rough surface, will act like a natural stop sign for the gel.

10. You can add anything to gel to colour it, bling it up or even tint it, from polish, pigments, acrylics, glass paints, glitter and foils. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Are you incomparably unique?

Do you find yourself comparing your skills and talents with others around you, as technicians we find this habit very hard to break, looking at what other people are doing and judging their talents against our own.

We just have to face it there is always going to be someone else more talented than you, it might be that they seem to be creative than you feel, or display a unique talent that you covet. But equally there will always be those who are less than you in all these ways.

The way to find out who you are is not by comparing yourself with others, but by looking at fulfilling your own potential the best way you know how.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Greetings from Greece

Last Month, I was invited to Greece, working with AME, I wanted to bring you a taste of what I got up to.....I am not sure why I have an affinity with Greece perhaps it is because I was born in Cyprus and can connection with their laid back easy nature, their friendliness and willingness to help is refreshing. Perhaps it was because I met my husband under the Greek sun or is it the food which I have fond memories of eating, spending most of my teenage years eating maze’s, and pita’s filled with Greek salads and humus. Whatever it is, I am always thrilled to be invited back to Greece, and help Anna Almbanis, one of Greece’s top nail technicians and her team at AME. This was my third visit and this time at the beginning of the summer, so I certainly experienced a little of how hot it can get in Athens.

Booked to demonstrate at Athens beauty show, I spent the first two days working on the impressive Ez Flow booth. Anna and Angelo Almbanis of AME are the distributors for Ez Flow, Jessica and a whole host of other products in Greece, along with running an extremely successful franchise of Nyxi Nyxi salons. This dynamic husband and wife team, have superb offices in the best part of town, with a shop and training rooms.

But this is not where my journey starts, early on Saturday morning, Anna and I head off to the Television studios, where we are scheduled to appear on their version of GMT. After waiting for make up and hair, and meeting a

whole host of exciting ‘names’ in the green room we finally were live on air, Anna showed off the new Minx wraps, while I did some 3D lilies on her finger tips.

The show in Athens is a one which includes nails and beauty, hair and makeup.

Packed together there is a range of different booths both large and small, zig zagging down the aisles. As the visitors make their way down the hall, rising up in front of them is the large and very shiny Ez Flow stand. With an imposing magenta wall at one end, the booth housed polishes from the Jessica range, shelves and shelves jammed packed with Ez flow colours and products, on a back drop of mat and gloss white. Large white shiny tiles lined the floor with its clean lines giving this stand a polished and professional feel.

There were three plasma screens all showing my Pure fantasy and new Pure design DVD’s, and a long one wall, a long white table for me to demonstrate. Wow!

Saturday I concentrated on design nails, showing visitors to the stand, just how far we could push the acrylic, and give them some inspiration and ideas of what they could achieve in the salon and on their clients. I even produced some pink and whites, but renowned now for my fantasy nails, was asked time and again to make something elaborate on the end of their finger tips. Sunday was a fun day, completely dedicated to fantasy. Nothing was held back producing, parrots and peacocks, lilies and roses, butterflies and bling, from the abstract to the bizarre, I spent the day producing Fantasy creations to show nail technicians just what can be achieved with acrylic and gel.

I have met some amazing people at the show, and had the opportunity to work alongside Aggelikh Sidiropoulou from Urkraine, one of Anna’s educators, she produced some sublime Russian inspired designs over the weekend, adding her own particular brand of style to long and pointed stilettos.

I didn’t attend the show on Monday as we had two exciting seminars planned. With only 20 places available on each, we ran both workshop until 9.00 at night. The idea was to show a range of idea’s using both coloured acrylic and gel which can be used within the salon. I showed 2 gel nails, incorporating the brand new celestial bodies range from Ez Flow, and another utilizing three different application techniques using a Varity of colours. These design are exclusive ‘Sam Biddle’ designs available only through ‘Be inspired’ workshops, where I have the freedom to push the bounders and show something unique to nail technicians all over the globe. Using acrylic, we covered a range of different application skills including the now very popular stiletto shape, finally finishing the day with a fantasy rose. Everyone had an opportunity to try out these new application techniques and work on some of their own nails.

Another very early start on Tuesday morning, when I took a flight up to the north part of Greece, and visited the sub distributor in Thessaloniki; Elena Tapra. She had also organized another two seminars, where I worked with both gel and acrylic, to present some new ideas and designs for their salons and customers to enjoy, and showing them how best to market these and increase business. Making a mad dash back to the airport, I was to fly back to Athens, and my hotel, with a few hours sleep and with only a few hours before I was to catch a flight home to the UK with plans to return in November, I was able to catch a well earned rest on plane.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Last chance for June offer!

I wanted to let you know about the fantastic offer we have running.

For only £55 you can attend a “Be Inspired” workshop. The London class is now fully booked, and we only have one more date left at this special June price.

Come and join us in Coventry at Ellison’s for this great class which won’t fail to help you bring something different to your business and show your clients an alternative look to their nails.

Using both Gel and Acrylic, we are working on design application only and not structure…giving those of you not used to working with coloured gel or acrylic an ideal opportunity to dip your toes into an alternative for your service menu.

How can you let this opportunity slip through your fingers. With only a few days left and places limited. Email me on

Saturday, 6 June 2009


I am thrilled to announce some changes within my business and a new working relationship with Grafton’s international. Until recently I have predominantly been working with just the EzFlow Nail Systems and their education team, but in my new independent relationship, I will be working with all of the Grafton brands including Ez Flow and IBD which allow me to provide an all round Education experience for Nail Technicians wishing to take the next step into colour and design. It gives me the freedom to build on the un bias workshops and classes provided by ‘be inspired’, as well as working within the whole of the industry independently.

I started the ‘be inspired’ classes in 2008 because of the growing demand for advanced Education. It is not a replacement for Education with the larger Nail companies, brands and through college, but it is a tool that will complement the training that is currently offered and to further enrich the students and Nail Technicians learning. Building on their skills and showing them new areas to develop.

Sunday, 31 May 2009

I have some exciting news!

Even though we are all struggling in this economic downturn, many of you still understand that the importance of learning new skills and keeping up to date with trends, will only help to improve our businesses.

Therefore I offer you over 50% discount on all of my “designs for the salon” workshops running throughout June 2009. 

Normally £115

Now only



Brings you ideas and concepts which are outside the box, work smart with your materials and produce amazing results, which are quick to apply in salon viable nails. With four exciting new designs, you will cover a range of techniques.

7th June - Nr Southampton * 14th June - London *  22nd June - Coventry

 Limited places available; book today by emailing info@

Reference; designs@50 and the date

Times 10.00-4.00

Friday, 29 May 2009

Say Goodbye to being Shy.

Do you have a bout of the bashful? Even the most brazen of us still feel self conscious now and again. Shyness is one of those uncomfortable feelings you would rather not have, sneaking up on you and making you feel insecure, alone and scared.

Can you agree with any of the following statements?

I find it very difficult to talk to new people
I lack confidence with people
I feel tense and nervous when I try to initiate a conversation
At work I have difficultly talking to other people
I often tense up and forget what I was about to say when I am talking to some one new.
I am especially nervous when talking to someone I fancy
I often replay entire conversations in my head and wish I had said something different
People see me as quite when really I don’t want to be.

Touching the lives of around half of the population shyness has been a subject for much research and can even be scientifically measured. Varying from person to person it can strike out in any kind of social situation affecting your feelings, thoughts and behaviour. How self conscious do you feel? Are you scared or nervous around new people? Are you insecure and hold back saying or doing something because you’re concerned about how others might respond? The key to being a successful and sought after nail technician is to communicate with your clients, providing a relaxing atmosphere and allowing them to enjoy the experience they have with you. Beat your self consciousness and see your clients come back for more.

Eye contact

It is hard when you’re shy to look some one in the eye, some one who is self conscious may feel that allowing others to see into their eyes is allowing them to see their thoughts. Get out of this habit by practicing with a friend, sit opposite them and gaze into their eyes. You will probably end up rolling around on the floor in a fit of giggles but it will teach you how easy it is to catch some ones eye and be confident not to look away.

Get to know you’re self;  Ask your self….

· ‘What is important for me today’?
· ‘What does success mean to me?
· ‘If I had a spare £1000 which charity would I donate it to?’
· ‘What would I do if I had a year left to live?’
· ‘What three things would I take to a desert island’?
· ‘What three things do I admire about me?’

Self awareness is intrinsic to changing your behaviour and beating shyness. Knowing what is integral to how you feel and developing a sense of humour will go along way to finding your self. Do this by asking your self a profound question each day, you may be amazed by the answers. Learn to discover how interesting you are and develop a passion for life and a purpose for your day. When you brush your teeth in the morning, look at your self in the mirror, smile and give your self a compliment. Tell your self something you would only express to some one you love and deeply care about. Once you feel comfortable telling yourself you look nice, you will be able to practice this on someone else.

Stop labelling yourself

Don’t create a self fulfilling prophecy by telling others how shy you are. Fake it till you make it by saying ‘I am fine at meeting new people’. If you find you’re self in a social situation and start to recognise those feelings of insecurity, try acting as if you’re not shy. Image some one you admire and respect, and put yourself in that person’s shoes. Don’t judge your self, accept all your imperfections, would you criticize your best friend the same way you criticize your self. Give your self a chance to shine become your own best friend.


F – family
O - occupation
R - relationships
M - moneyPractice small talk
While your working on your clients nails it is not enough to answer ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘fine’ when some one asks you a question. You need to keep your clients interested and at ease while they are having their treatment, keep the conversation flowing by telling them something of your day, and then ask them a question in return. Worried about what to ask? That’s easy just remember F.O.R.M. Ask plenty of questions and others will think you’re fascinating, letting them talk about them selves will make them feel good.
“How much was your holiday to the USA, we are thinking of going?”
“Are you enjoying your new job, what is your new boss like?
“Has Mike been busy in the garden now the weather has turned out well?”
“How is your family? Did Katie do well at her sports day?”

Fake it

Did you know you only have 10 seconds to impress a stranger, not to mention a prospective new client, in order to instil confidence and faith in your abilities you need to project a calm and assertive attitude to your work. There are some great ways to look self assured both within and out of the salon.
· In the salon your nail station should sit facing the door, this also works at a restaurant or in a meeting, facing the door is generally the power position.
· Make large fluid movements with your hands, confident people will gesture and occupy more physical space.
· When you walk into a room walk straight through the middle, keep you back straight and face forwards, when you approach a new client extend your arm first to shake hands. Initiate contact.
· Keep your hands away from your face and don’t fidget or fiddle with anything.
· Avoid looking down, and keep your neck straight.
· Express how you think or feel about subject; don’t keep your opinions to yourself.

It is important to continue to re educate yourself in this industry developing new techniques to use on our clients. However improving social skills can go along way to boosting your confidence, motivation and develop business. It is safe to say we are all worried about how our business will survive in these hard times, but now is the time to play dirty, and find a unique selling point to your business, becoming a better person while your at it. Check out these books to help you on your self help journey. Make it work for you with these challenges. Each day try a new way to improve your life, by doing the simplest of things.
What to Say When You Talk to Your Self by Shad Helmstetter ISBN-10: 0722525117, ISBN-13: 978-0722525111.
Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway by Susan Jeffers ISBN-10: 0091907071 ISBN-13: 978-0091907075

Say goodbye to being shy with these Dare by day challenges.

Monday – ask three strangers on the street then time.
Tuesday – make small talk with some one you don’t know.
Wednesday – smile today at three strangers, remember smiling is infectious.
Thursday – tell your client a funny story about your childhood
Friday – complement three clients and make their day
Saturday – ask a client a question which may help you solve a problem.
Sunday – look in the mirror and smile at yourself, see your reflection as a confident, self assured person with a fantastic future ahead.

This Article was written for SCRATCH magazine March 2009 by Sam Biddle