Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Gel Paints - Step by step

The launch of the Gel Paints in the UK has been better than expected with massive interest in this exciting new product. There is nothing quite like it on the market at the moment, I do feel it will bring many nail technicians a different and more confident way of working with colour and nail art in the salon.
One of the applications you can use with the gel paints is one stroke.  And I am very pleased to present a new step by step to show you how. I hope you enjoy it. 

Not a paint or even a gel, the gel paint is very forgiving and really does make you into a master. with some simple rules and steps you can't go wrong. 
Gel Paint can also be both LED and UV cured.
  • Apply like paint, not gel.  This is a gel which you paint on.
  • The trick with any gel design is layer...layer...layer.
  • Apply your design, and when your ready...just flash cure.
  • you can blend, marble, create fine detail, highlight, outline ad one stroke with the gel paints...and more
  • If using over a dark back ground apply white gel paint first, flash cure and then apply colour.
  • Remember use this like paint with a fine detail brush.
  • Gel paint blends faster and easier than paint, acrylic or gel.
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