Sunday, 15 August 2010

Are You a Winner?

If so... this little list is just for you, over the years I have  been asked what my top tips are for  competing,  talking to other judges some of the leading nail technicians and winners  in the world, I am delighted to bring you a little more than my top ten competition tips

......and my first and most important tip…. read the rules. 

Find out what you can and can’t do when you enter your   competition.   The following tips are a general advice, so pick and chose the ones that apply to you.
I wish you all the luck in the competition, I hope you enjoy the experience and learn from it. 

Before you start

· Choose the right model, some one with long nail beds that are healthy and even in length.
· Your model should be able to support you emotionally on the day.
· Manicure your model three or four times before the competition and DON’T cut cuticles the night before.
· Your competition kit should also include these vital things;
Extension cable – you never know if you will need one.
Bed roll or disposable towels
Lamp - without a clamp, they don’t always fit on the tables.
Dark table towels – so you can see your nails better.
· Eat breakfast – you may not have a chance to eat all day.
· Arrive early so you’re not stressed.
· Dress for success – you never know when a magazine is going to take a picture.
· Keep your model warm, make sure she wears something suitable as she will get cold, don’t forget her feet.
· Set yourself achievable goals and focus on the task.
· Ask who the judges are, if you can, find out what their pet likes and dislikes are.
· Plan your time during the competition and get your model to clock watch for you.
· You should receive a score sheet which shows the area’s you excelled and where you need to improve, it is a great idea to chat the judges who stay behind after the awards for more in-depth critique.

During the Competition

· Table set up – go through the application in your mind to ensure you have everything
· Be prepared and don’t rush
· When the competition starts, apply 1-2 nails onto the polished hand to overcome adrenaline rush
· Prepare the natural nails by doings a mini manicure the morning on the competition
· Don’t use a terry towel – too much lint
· Use 2 dappen dishes for liquid, one for the white.
· Enhance monomer with some colour drops
· Use a new file for each hand, the grit changes as you go,.
· File all 10 nails the same way, for example side walls x10, free edge x 10, cuticle x 10…this will help keep your nails consistent
· Swipe the nails with acetone to remove and dissolve any residue dust.
· For great polish application, clean up polish brush with acetone.
· Buff over the smile line with 280 grit
· Pre crimp tips with Hot/cold water method and tongs
· Tip application – apply resign to tips and shake downwards to remove excess before application.
· Custom blend pink and white to suit model

For Gel

· Apply a clear base for c curve/smile line, pink while curing, then apply white.
· Warm up product – pink and clear
· Smile line – use detail brush or striper brush.
· High wattage lamp at all times
· For more definition use a brighter pink along the smile line.
· Custom blend your pink and white

For Fantasy

· Don’t over crowd the nails, less is more
· Don’t over complicate, don’t confuse complicated with difficultly
· Think….does your design flow from nail to nail,
· Does all ten nails relate to each other, are the applied elements balanced and in proportion
· Make as much effort with costume as well as your nails, it will pay off.
· Keep tidy, make sure the finish is top notch
· Is the underside of your design as good to look at as the top.
· I prefer to see a fantasy design grow from the nail, become part of an overall look.
· Imagine your concept, which should start at the top of the head and finish at the toes, the nails should be part of this.
· Keep all multi media balanced, add no more than 40%