Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Hows your creative flow?

So we all get it...that creative block.......where your brain freezes and all those ideas on the cusp of existence has melted away as soon as you sit in front of a set of nails. 

It might be that you normally have no problem coming up with some creative magic, combining colour and flicking your brush to produce 'art'...and then all of a sudden....your brain is mush and your ideas are burned under the reams of 'to do's'.

Here are 3 quick and effective tips to getting back on the Creative train:

1. Take a moment.....forcing the issue is not going to help, you need to leave everything behind and get away from the desk (either office or nail).....walk the dog, go for a swim, drive in the car and turn up the stereo really loud. you physically need to leave the room, and remove the visual stimulus which is dragging your thoughts away from all that is inspiring. Getting some clarity and peace in your mind; it allows it to reboot....it is magically organising your brain and your inspiration will pop up like new crocuses in May. 

 2. Some times we get stuck beginning a design, we don't know where to start. In our heads we have an idea or maybe a thousand, and they are swimming around like tadpoles.  grab a tip and the nearest polish, paint or pigment and just let your fingers do the talking. This nail is a throw away nail, but I find that just taking a step towards your end goal, releases the crowded mind, all of a sudden you will find you put the throw away nail down and start working on something you really want to do. 

3. More often than not we hit a point in our art work where we don't know where to go....do we stop? Do we use another colour? do we give up? You know the conversation you have in your mind.....well all you need to do is  hop on your mental helicopter and get an Ariel view of your work.....this works by stepping away from the nail....go grab a cup of tea or go for a wee. Then come back to it with fresh eyes. Another great trick is to take a photo of it with your phone, it looks totally different. The reason for this is that we as woman process a 2D image better than 3D. 

I hope this helps, I would love to hear your comments. Sam