Tuesday, 28 September 2010

A Touch of Colour for just £35

13th October 2011
10.00 -4.00
Book now for a Gel Design day with            
Bringing you idea’s and  concepts which are outside the box.
for the amazing price of £35

VENUE:  Ellisons, Coventry

 TO BOOK CALL 01827253302

Work with Sam Biddle, and produce amazing results with four exciting new designs, you will cover a range of techniques which are quick to apply in the salon, using Coloured Gel and Colour Drops.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Nail Olympics - London 2010...My Experience

I have returned from the show full of inspiration and drive, working with the fantastic team from Grafton's International. The Ez Flow and IBD stand was rocking...boasting record sales. I was demonstrating Gel design nails and working with the new Artistic range which includes those wonderful colour drops...wow how fantastic they make the free edge...with a brilliant transparent stained glass effect.

Black n Bling - Vikki Taylor Dodd won 'pimp your nails' with me
We had a charity auction on the stand, where people could bid on a set of nails done by myself and Antony Buckley. Raising money for Breast Cancer research and WWF, these where the nails I did on the highest bidder. Vikki Taylor Dodds. Bling encrusted gel stilettos with ink stained tips.

Scratch shoot out photographic entry

                                                    I  managed to catch up with a lot of friends, and some from over seas who came over to compete...Alex Fox, editor of Scratch, told me that they also saw record entries of over 350 throughout the competition. From Pink & white, encapsulation, mixed media and fantasy... Korean, Maltese, Japanese and Italians, to name but a few,  all came to our shores and spent hours bent over a desk creating the most perfect nails.  Wow Wow Wow...there are some incredibly talented nail technicians out there...stunning work...the amount of time people have spent on creating some of the intricate designs....it just goes to show the level of passion they have for their craft. A fair few of the girls come over to the stand and show me their fantasy work, but I have to say they have far exceeded anything I would dream of producing. CONGRATULATIONS to you all, for entering regardless if you placed or not. 

I too dipped my toe into the competition circuit once again, the first time in 3 years. The Great Scratch Shoot out. There was so many entries, from all over the world....goodness knows how the Judges managed to decide, I know when I have to Judge it is hard.

My nails for the show

The nails I struggled with the most were my own, and with a long debate the previous week on Face book, I finally decided what to do. Choosing from stained glass windows, poppies or a more abstract, I finally decided to create these abstract nails which where very blingy. I will finish the stained glass window nails and show you the poppies later.

STOLEN - my design board!

The only really sad and disappointing thing to my whole adventure was the loss of my design board. Some one in the last 30 minutes of the show swiped my board from the stand. I can't tell you how disappointed I feel, and surprised at how personnel it felt too, although rationally I know it isn't. You know I am happy to bring my designs and share new techniques at the show, giving visitors to my desk everything I have learnt for free..so why then take something. Part of me wants to know who or why they took it, another more sinister part of me wants to oust them in the days or weeks to come...but I have to remember there are more devastating things happening on the earth today...so I have now 'let it go'  feel thankful  that I have the oppertunity to spend time re making my designs and there fore improving and perfecting my skills. But if you do happen to see this board on your travels peeps...shout out....THEIF! LOL 
All in all it was a fantastic show, and I am thrilled to be part of it, the wealth of information, talent and ideas buzzing around a beautiful hall at Olympia is contagious, and this event goes from strength to strength. Brilliant!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Something Sweet

Treat yourself to some 'me' time and create colourful nails that look sweet enough to eat. Fantastic for both Fingers and toes, this nail design might look complicated but in reality it is so easy. I create these nail art step by steps for Nail technicians and clients alike.  I have a couple of variations for you to try...and the most important thing is that they are super easy...so go on...grab yourself a small art brush and some cool colours and get cracking!

  • 5 different colours of nail polish including white; here I am using ORLY POLISH available from Grafton's International. Tel 01827280080
  • Long thin art brush (size000)
  • Nail polish remover
  • Top coat


 Step 1—paint your nails with white nail polish, this will make the colours pop out.  Painting them white does look weird to begin with,  harping back to  tippex nails at school. 

Step 2—using a long thin brush, these are available from most art stores, a size 000 would be best. Dipping it into your chosen polish colour, paint a heart shape on your nail.
Step 3– If our using polish to create these hearts wipe the brush clean with some nail varnish remover. You can use a water based acrylic to create this pattern. Using a pale blue add another heart shape alongside the green heart. The hearts shouldn’t be straight.
Step 4—continue adding the shapes, keep your design simple and with no more than 4     colours. Make sure you leave he white border between the hearts to give  a crisp contrast.     I have created a template to make it easier for you.
Step 5—when your finished adding colour, allow nail to dry. Paint with a top coat.

For a great alternative to this step, use a dotting a tool and add dots in different colours over the surface

Or you could add more lines to your hearts and create a more retro look
Visit www.sambiddle.co.uk for more step by steps. 

PURE GEL - DVD Short Preview

Here is the  New Gel DVD by Sam Biddle and the 'Be Inspired' team. Full of great designs and featuring the Arabella fantasy forms, this 6 min clip will give you a little look at just how much we have managed to Jam pack into this 1 hour DVD. Covering extended nail beds, gel flowers, encapsulations, sculpting and much more, and using great products like IBD, Nfu.oh and Ez Flow Sam shows you some great techniques to save you time and money, and how easy it is to work with gel colours!

You can order this DVD by visiting my website www.sambiddle.co.uk. Follow the links to the products page and you will find the Pure Gel listed. Click the BUY NOW BUTTON to place your order through Paypal. If you have any problems email me on info@sambiddle.co.uk