Friday, 29 November 2013

We have a Winner!

What a competition - the nail art pen has rocked the industry over the last 12 months, hitting four continents and changing the way nail professional work in the salon. We wanted to celebrate the success of this amazing tool with a little competition....which turned into a not so little competition.

With a wealth of prizes amounting to a whopping £2000 donated by some amazing companies, which we from Jealous Cow and Be Creative want to say an extra special thank you for supporting us so generously. Visit the website to check out who they are. 

So what was this competition all about - well all you had to do was get your nail art pen and decorate it, in anything you wish.  We wanted to see creativity, we wanted to be wowed and ultimately we wanted to see if we would steal the pen.

The Judges Alisha Rimando, Catherine Wong and myself (Sam Biddle incase you didn't know) represented the international vibe, as this Nail Art pen Competition went around the world and back again.  Uploading images onto Facebook, the entries could accumulate LIKES which played a small and important part in the overall competition, ultimately showcasing the talent out there....and not just on nails.

So enough of the back ground you want to know who won right? Well hold your horses just one second, because a super special mention has to go to everyone who entered, there was a plethora of ideas all lovingly created on the Be Creative Nail Art Pens. Each one a work of art in its self. I want to show case just a few of them, as there was over 50 entries.

Created by Lisa Marie Allen
Created by Lisa Marie Allen
Created by April Wellington

Created by Aimee Ginsbery

Created by Caroline Carrick

Created by Marlou Dassen
Created by Vicky Louw

Created by Tammi Merritt

This is just a small selection, there was so many favourites of mine, so I have more on the website, and more to come.......there you can look and be inspired. I do hope you upload your design and let up feature it on the Page.

So lets announce the Winner after this long and I am sure you will concur interesting build up :0). 


to the winner of the 2013 Nail Art Pen competition

1st place Christine Roggeveen

2nd place Szilvia Egerszegi

3rd place Janetta Wouters

Monday, 4 November 2013

Canada & Beavers

Leaving Vegas and landing in Canada was a stark contrast, a place full of lights, eager expectation, and hustle and bustle of tourists from dawn to dusk. I felt the moment I landed in Winnipeg I was grounded and It also felt very much like home. I was finally going to meet Peggy Talbot Be Creative’s Canadian  distributor who very generously opened her home up to me.  With two days off before the class, I was soon whisked off for a 2.30 hour drive to Lake in the Woods, Kenora where Peggy has a cabin. Before my trip Peggy messaged me and asked me what I would like to see when I came to Canada. " Peggy I am easily pleased I would just like a Canadian experience” I replied. Well that is just what I got. 

Visiting Smith Camps and having a hearty moose meat stew served in a baked pumpkin. Along with fish cooked and smoked by Al, the resident Crocodile Dundee of Canada.. What he didn't know about animals, pelts and of course Beavers and their nocturnal going ons…...urmmmm yes I am talking the furry kind which build damns and Canada’s  national animal! I also enjoyed a hike in the woods, and realized yet another Canadian past time….hunting. It seems for Fungi????? I think I gave up after a couple of shots, but goodness peggy and Michelle where pro’s. I did wonder if perhaps this was the female version of Hunting moose. Ha only kidding….:0?



Monday was the start of the Be Creative Sam Biddle workshop, with a host of different nails and 20 expectant nail technician's  all waiting for me to blow their mind. Eeeeeek! I hope I did. Day 1 was salon viable designs, working with the be creative nail art pen and pigments, and creating stickers and one stroke effects with the gel paints. Day 2 however was the indulgent day, and we started out creating butterflies to flutter by acrylic roses. 
Peggy Talbot, Michelle Ketcher & Moi

Be Creative class 2013

This was the first trip out to Canada, and in just 5 days filled with a host of Canadian experiences and of course having met some amazing people. I look forward to returning. 

AUGUST....she surprised us all and herself.