Thursday, 2 May 2013

‘What to say when you talk to yourself’

Empowering the tech out of the salon and into the competition arena

There is a book written by Shad Helmstetter, PhD with this very same title, it is a self help book which talks about how to move forward and be successful in anything you do, and knowing what to say when you talk to your self. 

You might have ambition and drive, but as ‘Creative’ people we are very quick to grab that base ball bat and beat your selves up time and time again, when things aren’t perfect or we haven't achieved our expectations.  

It is when we take that first step into the competition arena, that we become aware of what are those inner voices telling you? 

‘Sam what are you doing, your going to fail at this and make a fool of your self, stop right now’‘Sam are you mad, all this stress and work for what’?‘Keep it real Sam, there is no way you can compete with those guys their work is awesome, and yours is well....’ 

Believe me when I tell you I have had that voice in my head, but that is not my voice.  That is the voice of fear.  If you can image fear as a separate entity, a big green blob of quivering anxiety, willing you to prove it is right.  Could you look ‘down’ at this blob, staring it straight in the eyes and say

‘I don’t care what you have to say, I am going to do this regardless, and either way what ever the outcome it will be right for me at this time’. 

Can you feel your spine getting straighter, and all those concerns and nerves and everything else that comes with insecurity and fear seems unimportant. 

Competitions are no different than starting your first day at work or school.  The first time you are trapped in that dark room with fear whispering in your ear, but once you have found the window and drawn back the curtains you realize it is just a room, with a view to your future. 

Never listen to fear tell you, you are not good enough or not brave enough, talk to your self instead, and grab every opportunity to challenge it.

Article written for Scratch magazine May edition - feature YOU WIN AGAIN.