Friday, 30 September 2016

Self worth does not depend on competition.

There is something I learnt this morning which I want to share with you. A quick blog post which I think might just change everything. Changing the way you view the world and others, could change your life....I know, it's deep! 

When we compare ourselves with others to feel special and good  and to raise our self esteem we fall into the trap and become competitive. 

If your self worth is dependant on your most recent successes you fall into a deadly trap and will never give your self the credit you deserve. 

If you start to compare your worst moments with other peoples best ones, you will never find peace and be able to offer self love and self worth.  

Take social media for example, we only see the positive parts of peoples lives, their successes, achievements and accolades. What we don’t see is their struggles, issues and stresses.  

 We are not the sum of our success or failures, we should not look at others and compete or compare with theirs. 

Take the skinny model on the cover of the magazine, we see a beautiful body and compare, lowering our self esteem. But we don’t see the struggles with food, the stress to maintain that shape, the loneliness she might feel or what she might have suffered. 

We might look at the larger woman on the train or plane and judge her, think to ourselves she is out of control and doesn’t have a healthy outlook on life. But we don’t see that with every pound of fat she carries is a pound of pain. We don’t see her suffering, and for the most part that suffering enables empathy. We don’t allow ourselves to get to know her. 

With a competitive mind we see success and failure around us all the time and judge it, compare it to ourselves. What we don’t realise is the see saw action this has on our own self esteem. 

The more success we see lowers our own self esteem, and we dismiss and devalue our own self worth. 

Don’t compete, compare or judge. Just accept what you see and look within to find your self worth. It is all there. I promise you.