Thursday, 30 April 2009

Calling all Tech's

Do you have something to say?

I am writing a feature for a consumer fashion magazine about…… yes you guessed it 


It will be a four part article aimed at our clients and I would like to feature the best from our industry, who have something to say about this industry. It’s important to remember this feature is designed to target the clients (not other nail technicians), if you can answer any one of the following questions, please send them to me at;  Please include your full name, address of salon and telephone number.

 1.       How do you help your clients to stop biting their nails! – I am looking for hints and tips that a client can do at home, which doesn’t including throwing on a set of acrylics.  What would you say to the clients, can they use a magic product, do you know any alternative therapies that work.

2.       Looking after your hands this winter – what are your favourite products to sell to your clients, for them to maintain their manicures. (remember this is for a consumer magazine, so the clients need to find them in the high street, or through the net, can you include these details.)

3.       The funniest questions/weirdest you have been asked by a client – can you include your answers too.

4.       How do you explain the difference between gel and acrylic to a new client.

5.       I am looking for clients, who are your best clients and what have they got to say about the industry and nails.  Can you forward this email to them?

I will credit every quote I use, and will let you know when the feature is published.  The feature should start in September, but my deadline is June.  If your unable to help me and know someone who can please forward this email on.  I really appreciate all your input. 

any idea's ......quotes....and anecdotes.....welcome!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Be inspired in Sweden

Are you interested in nail art?

Have you considered developing your skills in hand-painting, colour gels or fantasy, but were unsure which technique would be most interesting for you?

Does the price of 1 or 2 days training seem too much in these economic times?

Now introducing Sam and Iryna’s Nail Art Smörgåsbord!

This is a totally new concept in nail art education that’s offers you the chance to choose one or more workshops in the different nail art techniques and receive training by two of the best nail artists in Europe.

Instead of a days training in only one nail art technique, we will be running three different workshops every day.

  • Gel is a fantastic medium which if used correctly can produce stunning results. Sam will show you how to create a stylish look in the same time it would take you to make French.

  • Next Iryna will teach you some simple but elegant hand-painting designs that you can sell to your salon customers. These designs have been especially created for Scandinavian customers and are part of Iryna’s new Scandinavian Series that we will sell as a separate training later in the year.

  • Then Sam gives you the chance to experiment with Fantasy and release your creativity! Learn some brush control techniques that you can also apply in your every day work.It’s a wonderful opportunity to dip your toe in the water of this exciting world, develop some new skillsthat other salons don’t offer and have terrific fun with other nail techs.

Each workshop lasts 3 hours and includes one hour of instruction and 2 hours of hands-on practice. You create the design examples under the watchful expert eyes of Sam and Iryna who will gently guide you and offer advice. We provide all materials, so all you need to bring is yourself, some brushes, a real interest to learn and an enthusiasm to have fun making beautiful nails!Impress your customers and friends when they see the designs that you have created!

Competition - money prizes!Every day we will award a 1000:- prize to the person who creates the best nail design and who has shown the most development. In addition, we will award a top prize of 2500:- to the best nail design of the week. Naglar i Norden will publish the winning designs in the summer issue.

Sam Biddle and Iryna Giblett are internationally recognized as two of Europe’s leading nail artists. Sam Biddle is an international competition winner and Judge. With her successful brand ‘Be inspired’, Sam produces front cover looks and contributes to the industry as a whole with a wealth of knowledge in art and design. Helping techs get inspired, Sam produces DVD’s and step by steps to bring back the colour and creativity into technicians work. Sam’s cover images have appeared in Scratch and NAILS.Iryna is best known to Swedish nail techs for her regular nail art contributions to Naglar i Norden. As a Judge, Iryna has worked on national competitions in Kiev and Moscow. As a nail artist, Iryna has become recognized internationally as a rising nail art star through her amazing nail designs that have been published now in five countries and with covers in Sweden, UK, Ukraine and Russia.

Booking information Dates for this creative nail adventure are:

  • * 22nd May (Götebörg)

  • * 23rd May (Malmö)

  • * 24th May (Norrköping)

  • * 25th May (Stockholm)

Workshop times on each day are as follows:

* Working with coloured gels: 08.30 to 11.30

* Hand painted designs for salon customers : 12.30 to 15.30

* Introduction to fantasy and acrylic sculpting : 16.00 to 21.00

Prices:* 600 kr plus moms for one workshop* 1500 kr plus moms for all three workshops Language:* English. However, Iryna can translate into Swedish if there are special questions

Materials:* We provide all materials but please bring your own brushes. Brushes will also be available for purchase.Places are limited and this training may never be repeated, so please book early. We already have nail techs coming from Estonia and Finland for this, so the word is spreading fast!

To book your place please send an email to: with the following information:1. which date and place of the training you are booking:22nd May - Göteborg23rd May - Malmö24th May - Norrköping25th May - Stockholm2. which workshop(s):Working with coloured gels: 08.30 to 11.30Hand painted designs for salon customers : 12.30 to 15.30Introduction to fantasy and acrylic sculpting : 16.00 to 21.003. how many places you want to book4. your names, personal numbers, email, mobile phone and address for faktura

Friday, 17 April 2009

Effortless Gel

Using gel, I bring you four effortless salon viable design nails, easy to apply and will help bring a little colour to your clients finger tips. With some new iridescent colours, blending, dragging and marbling techniques, you will see how these design bring depth to your work. Also working with multimedia, these designs have been developed to bring a fresh look, which is quick and simple to apply.

This PDF will have 3 different designs, plus a bonus fourth alternative. all the PDF's available through are comprehensive and detailed. with each copy you will receive free an additional step by step which includes my recipe of an extended nail bed.

Friday, 3 April 2009

What type of shoe are you? Part 2

In my last newsletter I set you all a little challenge, which was to send in a description of yourself as a shoe. This is a great exercise, to show you a way to relate what we see to what we feel, and then dilute it into something which we can incorporate into our own designs.

I have been overwhelmed with your replies, and I have to say had a little giggle at some of your wonderful descriptions. As promised, here is the second part to the challenge.
You now need to re-look at your description, and then take a moment to list some key points; for example;

  • I, Della Lavers, am a magical pair of shoes. I change shape and colour every
    hour of every day. Not due to indecision but to my renewed love of spontaneity
    and non-conformity .The one constant theme is the colour red, whether the
    whole shoe or merely accented with diamante, ribbons or buckles. This shows my
    impulsiveness whilst maintaining set boundaries.
  • Michelle Perry writes; "I am my wedding shoes, hand made sole for extra comfort made of suede, beautiful swarovski alabaster crystals attached for that added glam and sparkle factor catching all the lights and colours surrounding them. My toes beautifully lye under the crystals where they sparkle all the time, they are silver to incorporate the shoes. They are comfort made in silver extra soft leather. They are 6 inches high and are extra comfortable "

Della could list the words; red, ribbons, buckles, diamante, multi coloured, structure
Michelle Perry's words could be; swarovski crystals, sparkle, silver, suede, 6 inch heels (Sharpe points)
Once you have made a list of some key points you can use these points to create a design nail.

The point of this exercise is to make a salon viable design from your inspiration, to tap it your imagination and then use the key points of your thoughts to create a design nail. this nail shouldn't represent you, we have only used an easy subject ...'US'...! to glean our inspiration, from their we use the words in our personal statement to build on our design.

Let me show you further.......below is my original description, and i have added an image on my salon viable design nail using only some of the points from this description. what is fantastic is that i can reuse my shoe description to produce another completely different look.

I, Sam Biddle, am a flip flop, a beautifully colourful crafted comfortable
sole for my painted toe nails with bright nail art to lye into, the thongs
are adorned with jewels and ribbon. My flip flop allows me to be close to
the earth, and free to express my creativity, the colour is only partially on view unless I kick them off and allow others to see the real me inside.
My list would contain; multi coloured, glittery, flip flop, thong, colours on a bed of black.
So i am now going to create a nail, which has a smile line to represent the thong of my flip flop, the colours which are sparkly, and have a shimmer are lying on a bed of black. The marbling could represent my creativity.

Now once you have done this nail, send me your pictures along with the description to I will feature these on my blog later in the year, and with your permission use some of the best examples one in my New workbook.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Pure Design - brand new DVD by Sam Biddle

Finally, it is here, and I am so excited. My second DVD in the 'be inspired' collection has finally be released, and with the first two batches of DVD's dispatched out to those who have pre ordered their copies, I am starting to get some feedback.....and it all sounds good. phewwwwww!

It is always a relief to hear that people are able to gain something from these DVD's, and I hope it continues to fulfil peoples expectations. ‘Pure Design' is a follow on to my successful ‘Pure Fantasy' Double disc DVD. which was released last March, This second DVD will show you how you can pushing the boundaries of design nails. A single disc giving you 60 minutes of jam packed information, creativity and my secrets to success; this DVD will cover 6 designs and I will show you how to layer your acrylic to give depth to your design, create shape, style the nails and add definition with the clever use of colour. You can expect that little extra from when you watch as I show you how to make magical masterpieces each and every time. Featuring in depth steps easy to follow using coloured acrylic powders.

To give you a little taster check out this short video.

If you want to order your copy of Pure Design now for only £20 (P&P will be added) click here. You will be taken to my website, where you can purchase through paypal. Alternatively email me on, for other payment options.