Monday, 7 January 2008

Year in the planning

Take a little time to plan ahead and turn 2008 into your most profitable year yet.

New year, new beginnings - so resolve to have a successful and profitable bussiness in 2008. with this diary of do's to get you motivated. it couldn't be easier if you use yur time wisly and plan ahead.

This is not a time for rest after the Christmas rush you need to cash in on those new customers and remind the old that you’re ready and waiting to see them through the New Year. Keep the Christmas momentum going and hold an open evening, invite all your clients to have “try me treatments” to help detoxify. Send out a newsletter giving information on your special offers for the next quarter and include some nail news, information about your treatments, perhaps the latest celebrity gossip; whos uses what. If there is something you have been planning of interest to your clients don’t be shy, include this in your letter too Get them talking about your salon.
An ideal treatment this month is hot wax, and moisture treatments for the hands. If your clients have extensions offer them a hand massage after their appointment and don’t forget to sell them the cream and oil for home use.

Valentines day and love is in the air, another great reason to pull in new clients. Hold an event at the salon “love your self day”. Invite other local business in to have a small display; party plan companies are the best for this, Justrich, Body shop and Ann Summers are popular choices. If you don’t provide these treatments in your salon invite other therapists in; Indian head massage, reflexology or even aromatherapy massage, you can earn a kick back on any booking received. The most important thing to remember is that your clients will remember your salon for providing such a day, and come to you again when they need further help loving them selves. Don’t forget to invite your entire database, perhaps send them a valentine’s card. Offer a discount on your vouchers, 30% off when they spend over £30. A gift solution those partners will be grateful for.

Start now educating your clients about feet, and how they will take at least three months to get them into shape before the summer. Offer discounts on Pre booked appointments; for example book three appointments and get the forth free.
This is a brilliant time of year to redecorate the salon, fill the window up with daffodils. A great way to promote your nail art is to decorate blown eggs. Hang them on some ribbon in the window.

Time for your next newsletter, promoting the special offers for the summer, continue the pedicure promotion, and offer something extra with the enhancements. People are starting to think about going on holiday, plan some holiday packages for the hands and feet.

A great time to promote other items in the salon; jewellery, make up and air brush tanning. Have another open evening, by now your regulars will come to expect it, and it is a great way to get some free advertising, invite your local press in to do a feature. Advertising is a vital part of your budget, and you should be placing an ad at least once a week if not, every other week. A key stone to your business plan, advertising will not only help remind people you’re around but will continue to promote the various things your doing throughout the year. You can do your own advertising my posting leaflets through doors; take a stroll one sunny afternoon around the neighbourhood, and leaflet drop. If you just get 10% interest of a 1000 leaflets that is plenty to be going on with.

With this extra advertising in place and paying off your special offers and packages should be booked up. Now get your self prepared for the summer and the rush of clients before their seasonal break. Pre book all your regulars, explaining you would like then to have a priority booking before the holiday rush.

Pedicure, pedicure, pedicure, why not have a feet week, educate your clients on the benefits of looking after their feet, and show them how pretty they can look. Get some pictures up and advertise within the salon. The children will be breaking up from school soon, so offer something special for the kids, natty nail art, or petit pedicures, if they book in with mum, they can get 50% off. Make a special price for the children, they won’t need the hard skin removal, just a soak, massage and painted fingers and toes.

With a diary full of manicures and pedicures, nail art and extensions you need to keep the salon atmosphere calm and cool. Titillate your clients with some non alcoholic fruit cocktails, I used to come in early and cut up loads of fruit, and have 4 jugs of fruit punch in the fridge. Iced tea and coffee always go down great. Up sell, buy in additional holiday products, travel cosmetics and suntan lotions, jewellery and bags.

Back to school; this is a tough month for any salon, and it is now time to plan ahead. Also use this time to book yourself on some education, it is always wise to keep up with the latest techniques and utilize new methods. Time for another newsletter, get your clients inspired with some pictures.

Orange and black; jazz your nails up with witches and pumpkins, your display can be gourds and black velvet, draped with silver jewellery and funky nail designs.

Christmas seems to come around all too soon, and again we are promoting our Christmas offers, writing cards to our clients is a good excuse to make them aware of what is going on, and remind them your still in business and waiting for their appointment.

A great way to display your polishes and other products for up sell, is to spray paint pasta bows in gold, place them in a large bowl on the reception and lay out your seasonal polishes, not only is it attractive, people can’t help but touch them, and of course pick up the bottles, once in their hands your half way there to a purchase. Decorate the salon and your tree using your products, hang polishes and files from ribbons. Utilize this time of year to promote goodwill with your clients, offer mince pies and mulled wine, hot chocolate and marshmallows. Don’t forget to get your regulars a little gift, even if it is a 10% discount voucher to promote loyalty.

Its a busy year, but planned accordingly it will end profitably - and put you in excellent cheer for 2009.

This article was written for and published in the December 2007 addition of Health and Beauty salon Magazine.