Friday, 1 February 2008


Yes...... I entered the competition for design sculpt in LA..... call me crazy..... maybe I am mad....but in a burst of confidence after spending 2 days filming my DVD....which was a month ago now, I seem to remember pressing send after agreeing to enter…and instantly regretting it.

But I have always said entering comps is about enjoying the experience and learning what you can about your own application. So with this in mind I dragged my 'sorry butt outta bed' at 6am and I met up with my modal Monica, a complete stranger, Tiffany had called a friend, who drove for 7 hours to meet up and sit for 2 and half hours with a grumpy cow (me in the morning). She was brill and thankfully had nice nail beds.

I was surprisingly un nervous about it all, and did actually enjoy the comp, I had changed my idea for the design 3 times, and only had a chance to practice the day before once, I can tell you I was well over the two and a half hours allowed, so that was my main concern. With the help of the experts at hand, May Ling and Mary were brilliant, giving me additional tips and advice, Virgina supported me with her encouragement, and Tiffany boosted my confidence. As a team we all made it work.

So with 1 practice under my belt, I had to produce 10 competition nails using colour in a unique way....ha not that tough......ya. I decided on a close up of apples on a branch with little cartoon worms, the nail shape was lip stick, which was a little different to the norm, a risk I know...but some times you have to take them.

All over and they choose the top ten on the way to be judged the rest all go home, tough but a neat way of elimination. So as Monica was judged I had to sit and wait and wait and wait..... the awards weren't till the next day.

The wait was over and as you can see I got first place.

Then there was the problem of getting the trophey back to the UK, you can see how big it is, looks like I have to go shopping for another case.


Emma prescott said...

Well done on coming first place hunny ...
you totally deserve it those nails are FAB xx

Jessica Marks said...

aw Sam hunnio... they are wicked :)
well done :D


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's fabulous!! Huge congratulations, you must be well chuffed!
Claire xx

Carla Collier said...

Wow Sam!

I knew after judging your nails in Long Beach that you ROCKED but I had no idea how hard you rock until I came across this blog. I am so surprised that Long Beach was your first time placing first in a competition! Good job girl!!!! I will look forward to seeing your work in person again. I am wishing I could just hop on a plane and come over to one of your classes.


Anonymous said...

Sam Sam Sam.... I am sooooo proud of you.... these nails are fabulous and you most definately deserve your big shiny trophy!!!
Much Love... Victoria .x.

Patricia said...

Hi Sam, It was lovely to meet you at Excel and watch you work your amazing creations! I told you about my own aspirations for a forthcoming competition to be held at my College, you may remember me. I have just arrived home from Excel and am about to order your Fantasy dvd which I cant wait to watch. Thanks for inspiring me with your apples and liquorice allsorts, I am a great admirer of your work. Patricia

Anonymous said...