Thursday, 3 April 2008

An interview with Georgie….

I asked Georgie Smedley, International educator for Ez Flow how she got started in the competition circuit.
“I had worked every exhibition, every year, for 13 years...I was an active member of United Beauty's exhibition team and I wasn't allowed to leave the stand to take part in a nail competition. So when they went into administration, I finally had my chance to enter. It was all very last minute, and what I hadn't realised was that it was the largest Nail Competition in the UK, not only that but it was International! There were over 200 competitors in total with all the categories added up. Fortunately I didn't know this as I probably wouldn't have entered!
So I went through everything in my head. No practice, No preparation, just my kit and my model! I wish I had known what I know now!

What would you recommend others could do to prepare for their competitions?
“I made a very good investment when I came home and booked on some competition classes with Antony Buckley, who had a wealth of experience and knowledge in the competition world, was amazed with what I learnt and came away with some competition secrets that would have taken years of competing to learn.”
What sort of things did you learn, how did you benefit from this investment?
“ In just two days I came away with so much information for instance I found out how to create a deeper c curve on my tip using a method of boiling water and tweezers. How to use Ez Bond prior to buffing to give the nail a much higher gloss shine, one of my light bulb moments was that I didn't actually have to do pink and whites on the painted hand! Through the many things I have learnt I have not only saved time in the arena, but have continued to win and win and win.”

Tell me about your wins and successes?
“I started competing nearly 3 years ago and with a wealth of competition information learnt from my idols, through re investing in my self I have placed 3rd, 2nd, 1st and 1st!”

Why is it beneficial to compete?
“I am very privileged and proud when I can share with fellow technicians the secrets of competitions, that I am one of those that people can come to and take that next step on their journey. Entering a competition means you not only excel in your own field but lets your peers see your improvements.”

What are your dreams?
“I would love to put together an elite Competition Team, I want to be able to provide all the information to any one regardless. How they can get a set of nails done in the allocated time, how to varnish the nails to perfection and clear up any mistakes, show them what they actually get out of competing?”

How do you propose to achieve this?
Well, all of these questions and more will be answered in one of the first 2 day competition workshops I am running in north London with Victoria Smith. Here we hope to reveal some secrets only available to those winners of winners.
Day 1 is aimed at the pink and white category, and will cover everything from sculpting, tip and overlay to polishing. Day 2 welcomes you Sam where you will show the competitors a different out look, and help them understand product control and utilize the materials they have at hand, not only beneficial in a pink and white competition this day is perfect for those who want to be inspired and get you’re their creative juices flowing to enter Fantasy and design sculpt competitions!”

For more information on Georgie workshop and competition help email or Call 01992768777 or 07956121616

Join the Competition Workshop and be automatically entered into the Competition Team where Georgie and her team will support you though competitions giving you technical & practical help and even free products! For a very reasonable £225+vat, you will get all the information you have been longing for, £100 worth of FREE product...and a third day FREE OF CHARGE to have a practice run nearer to your competition event!

It shouldn't be a difficult decision to break into the competition market and with Georgie and her team holding your hand; you will have no more excuses. Go on invest in your self and take that next leap of faith, you never know it just might pay.