Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Be Inspired......

We had a great day at the recent 'inspired' workshop in Fareham last Sunday, and I thought I would post some pictures of the beautifully talented ladies and their work.

Kick starting the day with a demonstration the girls got their hands on their acrylic and produced some fantastic flowers. Utilizing a simple fantasy technique shown in the Demo, they can now dilute it and produce some amazing design nails.

Vanessa is just adding the finishing touches to her first master piece. Vanessa says....

" I found a big difference in product control and gained in confidence, I did think it would be hard to do the 3D flower Sam showed us, but it was easier than I thought, Sam is easy going and doesn't tell you if you make
a mistake only if you need some direction."

We filmed the class in full, as I am working with Blue Light productions to create some new DVD's and mini workshops which will be available in the Autumn, of course we nail techs are not afraid of the lime light, and here Della, Karen and Anna are all super stars...might be the Cornish air! Anna Curtis says......

" this class does help with product control but also how to focus on one idea and develop it properly. It opens your mind to new ideas and gives me confidence in my own abilities, the only negative thing I can say about my experience is that I didn't have Sam to my self."

During the class everyone gets a one to one with me, and we go over how you can improve your techniques. During the afternoon session, your creative juices are unleashed and this is where extra techniques and skills are shown on a one to one. Here I am working with Katy Woods to create something romantic.

Pat Dennis was lost in the creative process, developing her Mood Board, sticking and cutting, she makes an amazing desert island, with palm trees and hammocks.

Amanda Carey disappeared for a while and we all wondered where she had gone...finding her crouched under the table I did wonder if the day had got to much..... "I need more room!" she cried. Here she worked on the best mood board I have seen yet full of texture and colour, she made a mermaid splashing in the sea.

The star of the day though was Wendy Thornburn, having never touched acrylic before she stunned us all with her creativity. Producing some amazing work, this flower goes to show anyone can do it. Here is what she had to sayabout her experience.....

" I had no product knowledge before hand and had never used acrylic, Sam made the instructions clear and concise making me feel confident and capable of producing something I am quite proud of. I found this class useful because I learnt how to use my creativity in a different way and using the moods board helps me consolidate my ideas. This class is ideal for anyone whether they did nails or not. Sam is great at inspiring others and what she says makes alot of sense, helping you think of thing in a whole new way, her approach to teaching is brilliant....very interesting!"

It was a great day, and we all achieved alot, the next 'Inspire' class is on the 8th Sept in Tamworth, and then I will be in London on the 10th for more info on the classes or to find out when the roadshow is coming to your area, visit my website http://www.sambiddle.co.uk/.