Monday, 15 December 2008

make your mark...

With a range of new styles and shapes of nails seen sporting the covers of the nail magazines of late, I ask my self, "is the divide between what the industry produce for them selves and the salon's churn out for their clients to great"?
Stilettos, lip stick, almond and square, each of these alone are amazing feats of engineering, getting the structure and shape perfect to show off your talent as a nail tech isn't an easy job. But do we afford the same care to our clients.

I can't imagine Mrs Mary Major (names have been changed) sporting long black stilettos while she chops the carrots and peels the potatoes, or Val White happy utilizing her lip stick tips to leaver the pull ring off a can of Diet coke. But still we as Techs still sport these extravagant talons in the hope that some die hard client will happily allow you to adorn her pinkies with multi coloured acrylic steeples.

Don't get me wrong, After spending 10 mins at the checkout at my local super market, I have been stopped no less than 4 times with gasps of delight as strangers grab my hands and stroke my fingers, 'wow how do you wear these' and 'aren't they amazing', has not only brought me 2 new appointments but made an impression no newspaper ad could.
So carry on wearing your talons and make your mark on the local community, it will only do your business good, but don't for one moment expect Mrs Pearce from number 3 to wear anything else but her pretty pink ovals.