Saturday, 21 February 2009

A selection of silver

Using silver foil to enhance your design, add texture and depth is a great way of setting your self apart from the rest.
With this trio of silver nails I wish to bring you three different styles using this great media. Foil is wonderful for adding a new dimension to your nails.
These designs enhance the stiletto shape, adding colour and definition to bring out the best of this shape.

I just wanted to let you know about the three new step by steps available on click on the downloads page and receive your 4 page copy, containing these three step by steps.

This is a very simple and effective nail, enhanced by using silver leaf over the nail bed area, this is optional, this design looks just as good without.

This design incorporates texture and adds a new dimensions with the holes in the free edge. Giving a delicate look to the design. It is difficult to see on the image but you will find the added foil gives depth and dimension to this look.

This is my favourite nail, using colour to enhance the shape this nail looks long and slender. I have used black on the edges of this nail, but this look would be great using purple adding the extra element of foil brings this look to life.

The foil I have used in these designs where from NFU.oh and the colours where made available from Ez Flow nail systems.
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