Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Step by Steps using Arabella Forms

Using the Arabella Forms couldn’t be easier, and these three simple methods show you how you can utilize your set effectively. None of these methods replace the traditional way of applying nails, I don’t advocate any change in how you have been taught.  Please use these methods to aid application, for photo shoots, practise or to develop your own ideas and styles. If you have a great idea for the Arabella forms, please email me at info@sambiddle.co.uk. There will be three more steps coming this year, and watch out for how we created the Scratch front covers in May using the Arabella forms.

If you would like a PDF Copy of these Steps please email me at info@sambiddle.co.uk or Sam Lynam the creator of the forms at sam@arabellanails.co.uk.

Pre Made Flower Embellishments
These flowers are made out of Gel, however you can use the Arabella forms to make delicate acrylic flowers, build up your stock when you have some quiet moments and apply to your client’s tips before you cap the nails, either in gel or acrylic. Remember if you have made acrylic flowers you can still incorporate them into your gel design nails.

Step 1; apply your sculpting form or tip.

Step 2; for this look I have extended the nail bed, but you can pull out your design in any colour, creating a nice background with a fade or use glitter.

Step 3; take some time to make your flowers, you can find out how I created these delicate gel roses by visiting my website at www.sambiddle.co.uk. a detailed step is available on the downloads page alternative buy my NEW Gel design DVD which has this look and 5 more inspiring designs.

Step 4; using long nosed tweezers peel your flowers from the form and attach to your free edge.  if your using gel, I always apply a thin layer of gel first to help the embellishments stay.  you can use resign at this stage too if your applying onto acrylic.

Step 5; keep apply your flowers and leaves until your satisfied with your design and then cap with either gel or acrylic. file and finish and apply a sealer or buff to a high shine.

Pre made Tips
These nails were created with Arabella forms, on the day of the photo shoot, you don’t have a lot of time apply nails, certainly with this amount of detail. I also use pre made tips when I want to create nails for a display, to show my clients what options they have for their nails.  If you’re not great at applying your own nails, especially the right hand, then you can use this method.  Used in both acrylic and gel, it is a great way to save time.

Step 1; Each of the Arabella forms have a letter, size your clients/models nails. there are ten different sizes in total.  if you find one doesn’t fit, always go for the slightly larger size and then file the edges to fit when you apply.
Step 2; I always mark my forms with a sharpie, which means that the tips I make are all the same length and reduces the need of excess filing at the end.
Step 3; Now apply your base in either gel or acrylic.  This can be transparent or opaque and in whatever colour fits with your design. In this step I am applying a stiletto nail, however these forms lend themselves well to square too.
Step 4; You can spend time to apply your design.  If you would like to know how I created these harlequin nails, please visit my website at www.sambiddle.co.uk, you will find them listed on the downloads page. DO NOT CAP YOUR DESIGN
Step 5; To apply them to the natural nail is similar to applying a tip.  I always apply a sculpting form first, especially if the tips are long. them using resign along the smile line of your pre made tip attaching it to the smile line of the natural nail.  The sculpting form with hold it in place.
Step 6; I am applying an extended nail bed, which is another reason for using the sculpting form.  Placing the pre made tip so the two corners of the smile line are touching the side walls of the natural nail, means you will have a well with which to place your cover pink.
Step 7; Finally when you’re happy you need to cap the whole design. file and finish.


Home made embellishments and encapsulations
The Arabella forms help me utilize my gel effectively, I can create different effects with the gel, and with it’s c curve I am confident I can apply it within the extension. I used to do this using a straw however I would have to spend more time trimming my design.  this way I size my client up before hand and during those quiet moments I can create a range of different colour combinations

Step 1; apply your base, as before do this in any combination of colours.  this can be in either gel or acrylic.
Step 2; using gel drizzle your gel over the Arabella forms. for more details about how I create these nails visit my website and you will find this step by step Ripples listed on the downloads page. www.sambiddle.co.uk
Step 3; once you have cure the layers of gel, remove from the form and cut into smaller pieces with some scissors. Apply them to your free edge.  First apply a thin layer of clear gel and like a jigsaw fit the smaller pieces of your drizzled gel together.
Step 4; when you happy, cure and then cap the whole nail, curing again for the full 3 minutes. Finish file and apply a gel sealer.
Another option using this method to create  a great looking nail in no time at all, is to use the layers of gel as a whole, don’t break it up into smaller pieces.  Apply a sculpting form and a thin layer of gel to extend the nail. Then apply the whole piece to the natural nail. Cure for 3 minutes and then cap the whole design. finish file as before and apply a sealer.