Saturday, 31 July 2010

NAIL ART - not just for Nail technicians!

Grooming ourselves is a natural part of ‘making the right impression’, from our hair to our toes we try to make our self’s look good, and this in turn makes us feel good. But sometimes taking ourselves off to the hair salon or nail bar isn’t quite enough.  Now and then wouldn’t it be nice to while away the hours with a bottle of wine and some nail polish, painting our toes and touching up our finger nails, taking a moment to zone out and relax.  why not use this guide to take your nails one step further, adding flicks and flurries, attaching jewels and gems and release your creative side.   

As a nail technician I have many clients who have nail designs, ranging from a complete coloured gel overlay to an acrylic blend.  They are then free for the next two or three weeks to add to their designs, with the help of a simple how to guide my clients can change their nails to suit their moods or outfits.  

What you need
·          polish  - Orly
·          water based acrylic paint found in artist or craft shops
·          peel offs for card making available at craft stores
·          Top coat

STEP 1 - Apply polish

Peel Offs are another great way to change the look of your nails, these are available from most craft stores.  Generally used for making cards, they have a sticky backing.

  • step 1 – apply polish and allow to completely dry, approximately 30 minutes.
  • step 2 – select part of the peel off which you would like to place on the nail, use scissors to trip it into shape. Use all of the shapes, even the bits that are left behind.
  • step 3 – using long nosed tweezers gently stick your shape onto the polished nail.
  • step 4 – continue to add your shapes around the free edge of the nail, remember less is more
  • step 5 - apply top coat

General rules about applying nail art
·          There are no rules, if it doesn’t work out right, remember you can take it off and start again.
·          Give yourself plenty of time, remember it will need to dry too, so make yourself and cup of tea, and make sure the TV remote is handy for your drying time ( you will need at least 30 mins.
·          Try to imagine all ten nails are part of my canvas and build a design. The last thing I want is for all of the nails to look identical.  Let your artwork flow from one nail to another
·          Change the colours and combine different techniques. 

For more nail art steps visit  I will be posting more soon.


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