Friday, 7 January 2011

and the winner is........

I am thrilled to announce the winners of our little competition before Christmas. where we asked Why you were inspired and what will you be doing about it.   Karen and I did have a hard time choosing, and couldn't decide on these three. So we have added an additional 
prize to the pot.

The two winners are; 

Adrienne Parker and Gaynor Stickels 

They will receive 1 pack of Colour drops, courtesy of Artistic nail design supplied by Grafton’s international Tel 01827 280080,  3 packs of tulle and a selection of arabella forms.  

The runner up is 
Miss Suzy Q, who we think deserve a little something  super  to say thank you for the kinds words.

To everyone who entered I also thank you very much for taking the time and letting us know how inspired yu are.
Can the winners please email me at with your address so I can post the prices out to you.

Below are the winning comments;

Adrienne Parker:-  Hi, firstly I’d like to say thank you to Karen for sharing her amazing design with us. Although im a new tech this design has not only inspired me, it's shown me how to think outside the box and not to just stick to what i know and what im used to. It is the extra tips and techniques in these step by steps that give me confidence to have a go at recreating these amazing designs which in turn helps me to develop my skills and creativity. Following the step by step has inspired me to incorporate different materials with confidence to come up with my own unique designs.

Gaynor Stickels:- Energy, enthusiasm and experience inspire me. As a beginner, to see the passion. experience and knowledge being passed on by these fantastic demonstrations inspire me to progress with my newly chosen career and be the best that I can be. By absorbing your enthusiasm & energy for your work, it sparks my imagination to create wonderful and beautiful things that are loved by others and encourages me to fly :)xx

MISS SUZY Q- FROM KENTUCKY:- A leap of the imagination, "yeah that's it. The designed by Karen has inspired me to walk on my created side. I am from Kentucky and have always been before my time, sooooooooooooo what will I do, bring the people along with me on this "Fantasy" Ride! Open up your mind Kentucky because I am getting ready to explore all THINGS possibilities through the "Art" of Nails!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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