Monday, 28 February 2011

Dear Diary - editing something different

Geoff Mason Brown -
working on Something Different with acrylic DVD

It is just days away, the launch of my 4 and 5th DVD, you know if you had told me I would have 5 DVD’s and countless steps three years ago, I don’t think I would have believed you. I have spent two days locked in the studio doing the final edit and voice over for the films. Releasing 2 DVD’s at the same time is not that easy, and of course it might seem obvious that one nail is made from gel and the other from acrylic, but poor Geoff Mason Brown, has had to learn pretty fast.  Separating the two pieces of footage,  we have the right nails in each was only part of the headache…coming up with two separate films which compliment each other, but don’t duplicate  was very important to me and I hope I have achieved it.

It wasn’t all bad, I love producing films, and the editing side is particularly enjoyable. The film stiches together and come to life like Frankenstein, only prettier!  The more footage I see the more excited I get. I can’t tell you the magic that happens in the editing suite….more importantly I won’t tell you want ends up on the cutting room floor. So I hope you enjoy the two films and gain from them. released in March you can pre order your copies at 

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