Monday, 28 March 2011

Dear Diary - Recertification

We all have to re certify, and although I am an independent educator, I like to make sure my skills are up to the job. I feel it is a case of having your peers ‘judge’ you, and in a way it keeps you on your toes, making sure you have updated your education and are in touch with all the current trends.
I recently re certified for IBD, and achieved my Elite educator status, which I was thrilled with.   I wanted to achieve the same with Ez Flow, this was the brand that will always be my first love for acrylic, and although I now no longer work for them full time, I do occasionally represent them around the world and in the UK.

The educators re certification was held at the beginning of February, just three days after my return from my road trip in the states.  I tell you it is no mean feat, with a massive amount of preparation before the 4 day event, which includes producing 10 nails in acrylic and gel both pink and white and ten design nails which runs along a theme; this year it was 'theatre'. I did my nails based on swan lake. These must include a step by step and details of how they where achieved.
The class is demanding each day covering a massive amount of information, and then are set homework in the evenings. For 4 days your sapped of every single amount of energy, to get you ready for the final assessment and theory. The assessment  utilizes all the Ez flow application techniques, the theory is on the full range of products, and then a presentation is required.
My Homework

Our tutor was Brenda Skermont, who had travelled all the way from the USA. I am really lucky to have worked with Brenda before, and I loved spending some time with her. Especially as her passion is design and art. Brenda has the ability to explain the nail, break down the application process and she weedles out where you need improvement and where your strengths lie. Not only that she is so approachable. Because I was away in the USA, and I had only just been in Brenda’s shoes in Korea, holding the re certs there, I was able to forgoe most of the training, and attending the final assessment day, and I am happy to say I have passed with flying colours and am now an International Educator for Ez Flow Nail Systems. 


Farrah G said...

WOW, Sam, these are AMAZING!!!

Keeley Bowering said...

Well done to you Sam, you're a fantastic inspiration and we all learn so much from you xx

Christine A. Ludvigsen said...

Oh wow, stunning!!