Monday, 11 April 2011


These are pure colour pigments and can be mixed in with your acrylics, gels, top coats and water to create a beautiful finish to your design. This set includes three primary colours , one secondary colour and a black and white to lighten or darken your colours. It will enable you to mix up some new colours or enhance your existing  collections, create a water wash colour, or a thicker paste to use directly within your design, as these are pure pigments a little will go a very long way.

How to use
To create a water colour; add pigment to water. To create a paste or a thicker paint add; water to pigment sparingly until the correct consistency has been achieved. To colour gel; using either clear or white, add a small amount of pigment to beads of gel and fold. This will change the viscosity of the gel, and make it thicker to work with. To tint acrylic add a small amount to the powder. You can add to colour, white or clear. Make sure you mix very well. To apply the pigment direct onto your design, dip your brush into monomer and then pick up the pigment and apply. Alternatively use a paste made with a small amount of water. 
NOTE If you are adding pigment to your gel or acrylic make sure it is just for design.  The pigment should be added over the top of an enhancement, so first create a base layer and do not add directly onto nail plate as this will stain it. By including pigment within your products you may alter the way your acrylic or gel applies, so it is important to cap your design to give structure and strength.

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