Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Original Sugar Styler

A brand new concept in nail art

Original Sugar launched just one month ago -with the amazing new sugar styler from Original Sugar. The best kept secret of the nail world! Any time, anywhere and for any mood, expressing yourself alone or with friends, the sugar styler allows you to create your own highly personalised nail art ... AT HOME, with just some paint and the sugar styler over your regular nail polish.

Use the sugar styler just like a pen, keep complete control over your application and create the most stunning and intricate designs!

Made from glass, the Sugar Styler, RRP £12.50, is the perfect tool to achieve amazing nail art. The Sugar Styler is created with clever grooves which twist around the nib and allow water based paint to flow seamlessly over nail polish. This unique pen allows the user to create the most intricate and eye catching nail designs in the blink of an eye, adding a hint of bespoke glamour to any occasion.

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