Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Independant learning - does not mean buying products.

Q.  Do I need to buy all the be creative products on Sam's class? 
A.  No. 

When I ventured out and became an independent educator nearly 5 years ago now, I wanted to focus on sharing my skills and knowledge through application and not based on products and brands.  I moved away from being a ‘sales’ tech because I was tired of the constant politics and the warped motivation behind teaching. Let me explain…..

I built my business be Inspired on the bases that each and every one of my students can do what I do with what they already have. Over time I started to collect products and develop tools to make my life easier and the job quicker, and of course these where all wanted by my students in the class. “No worries” I would say “I will get you a pack”. 

Eventually I was spending more time on the products and development and not on education where my heart lies, so that is how Jealous Cow Ltd and the Be Creative was born.  Going into partnership with Rebecca, who was already a distributor of her own nail art brand and sub distributor of Ez Flow in the UK.  We developed a business, so I could continue to educate and use what I wanted in the class, and the focus could remain on application and design not products or brands. 

Rebecca then works with all the products and ideas I come up with, we development together as a team and she is the one who distributes them.  It is testament that over the short time Be Creative has been around in the nail world we have grown with little effort, this I feel is down to the way the products are used and relate to existing core products that each of the students use, wether it be Ez flow, IBD, Young nails and ONS.  I have been asked over and again, can I please bring out a core line of gels and acrylics, But both Rebecca and I feel it is important not to confuse our ethos, which is making the nail techs life easier, bringing you things to inspire you and help you develop your own business with what you have already, supported and enhanced by Be creative. We bring you items that others don’t have. I have even suggested we are a boutique brand. 

I don’t care what you use on my class, you can bring your additives and gel paints along, I just want to show you what you can do with them. I am very interested in everyone’s products, like you I am a nail tech through and through, looking at the colours and tools to work with excites me and inspires me. I find something new, I go and buy it right away and use it. I do not judge you or tell you on the class what you can and can’t use, and if your product isn’t quite cutting the mustard, I try and give you an option to make it work for you.  Sometimes this doesn’t even include using anything I have in my own kit.  Let me give you an example, if you need a fast setting powder, so you can hit the mould-able stage quicker and have longer to work with it, but the brand you have in your kit does not allow this, by simply using some acetone on a brush, it does the job perfectly……! 

A good friend of mine a few years ago told me to always remember to do what you do for the good of the Student, not a brand or company. And this has always been my  Ethos.  Some people say that to attend my class you need to buy all my products, I promise you this is not the case. Buying the products is not necessary at all, you will be able to do everything with what you have already. I am very insistent that the class is NOT BRAND RELATED. I am an independent and fought a lot of battles to stay this way, trust me. The brand Be Creative are products that just enhance your own favorite line. 

During the class  it is all there for you to use if you want or you use the products you know and love. The class is about learning new skills and very hands on, to help you move your business forward and help improve the industry as a whole. No one ever should feel you need to purchase anything to work with on the day.

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