Friday, 28 February 2014

Marching on!


March is knocking on the door....
like a surprised visit from a long lost relative, there is a vague sense of unease as you answer the door and hug and kiss....those unanswered question ffiltering into your mind 'how long will they stay'.... 'why are they here' and .... ' whats her name again?'....well maybe not the last one....but a sense of panic always comes about me when March arrives....I am nearly a quarter of the way through the year and all those resolutions and goal settings I did are still on my list.....hmmmmm thinking about it where is my list? Not only that I am no way near hitting my target weight for that polka dot bikini. 

So here we find our selves and out business slowly poking its head out of the last couple of months, little cash-flow to speak of, and thinking about how the next few months will pan out and what we can do to boost ourselves up the ladder of achievement. 

we have receive red from Christmas rush, we are done hibernating throughout January and the drama of February is now over! so let us begin to look forward and see what we can do for our Business. 

Here are 5 'to do' for March! 

1. Look at social marketing and make a plan. 
Do you have a personnel time line on Face book and a business page. do not under estimate the power of marketing through Face book, just by posting daily on your page about the nails you do will enhance your local customer base. You page, if your a salon should be for your clients and not filter out to other Nail professionals. 
Build up your 'professional' friend list on your own time line, talk to them and watch what is happening around the world, although not the only source, Face book is a wealth of information. Now look outside 'nails' and check out fashion, hair and makeup and look at how other brands market them selves. 

2. March madness! if you haven't done so already, it seems this is the month to start putting out your offers. Last month cash-flow is notoriously poor for most business, and they see offers and specials as great way to boost income. Don't undersell your product or you will build a false expectation from your customers and then perceived too expensive when your prices return. Instead of discounts and money off, try teaming your treatments and making bundles which are irresistible, and keep your competition at bay.  Offer giveaways on your social media platforms or directly to your clients when they visit. 

3. Look at stock, visiting the trade shows means you can look at different products to offer your clients, change some services on your menu, maybe include some 'limited edition' treatments which are around for a short while. This means your clients will keep looking at your menu card and maybe try something different. Rotate your stock, change your displays and buy in some new items . I visit a local salon once every two weeks, and the same items are on the shelves each time. I just stop looking. every so often there has been a change, and I am instantly thinking' what can I buy'. 

4. Nail art and deign, if you don't already offer design in the salon, this is the time to bring it in, trends are giving us the nail professional an idea opportunity to cash in on whats hot and whats fashionable right now. Use this to your advantage. you should have a display board rocking maybe 3-5 different 'looks' nothing overly complicated, and there should be ten examples of this look in different colour ways. this board is seasonal, and show cases what can be done. there are many more designs your clients can pick and choose from, but this board is your 'teaser'  Right now your looking for on trend spring time looks for nails .....ask your good friend 'google' to show you some images. 

5. Read, plan and Be are about to hit your busy period and summer is coming and you will be busy painting toe nails and preparing people for their annual holiday, use this time to read, prepare and get your self ready. your mental check list should be; The next time you need to change the nail display board on reception will be in June, what designs will you do? How can you market them out to your customers?  Do they need any incentives or offers to try a new treatment? What new treatments can you bring in? Always think 3 months ahead.....and plan! 

I hope you have found this Blog post useful, I would love to hear from you, about this post or any others. Sam x

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