Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Love Charm -step by step

These dramatic nails are a simple salon friendly design, which is fantastic at this time of year, not only dark and Gothic enough for Halloween, but for the Christmas scene it will be elegant and stylish to go with just about any outfit.

A very attractive look, I have done this time and again on clients, not just in black but using a range of colours available, but don't limit your self to these beautiful and delicate skeleton leaves, try material, foils and lace. The application remains the same.

To start with prepare the nails, cleanse and dehydrate, push back the cuticles and remove the nonliving tissue. then apply some clear tips. Cut or file the tips into an almond shape, tailoring the tip so that the point is central.

Using resin, apply the skeleton leaves to the free edge of the tip. with tweezers to help secure the leaves into place, trim the leaves, cutting along the smile line, and around the free edge.

I have used the Onyx black powder from the earth stones range by Ez Flow nail systems, there are loads of alternative, including voodoo from the carnival collection. Apply a small bead to the smile line and blend down the nail, this will enhance the black. Obviously choose the colour which will best suit the material your applying here.
Using a wet bead of clear acrylic apply to the free edge over the leaves, then continue to apply over the whole nail, making sure you place an arch. File and buff the nail.

I must point out here, if your not into using acrylic this same design can be utilized with Gel, overlay the whole nail with a clear gel, not only will this give it a clear crystal look, but might suit your client better.

Go on bring some love into your life and give this a go...don't forget, tell me what you think.