Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Indulge your inner artist...

I have painted these on color pops, a great way to display your work in a salon... visit www.colorpops.com

THERE are no rules with art, never be afraid to try it! Remember you can always take it off and start again. When I teach nail art, I first show how to break down the pictures, you want to recreate, into layers. Never look at the finished picture and say ‘I could never do that’, always look at the structure of the picture and ask your self ‘how did she do that’?
When doing any sort of nail art, I try to imagine all ten nails are part of my canvas and build a design. The last thing I want is for all of the nails to look identical. Let your artwork flow from one nail to another, placing the main parts of the pictures in different.

It seems it is all about colour this winter, neutral shades highlighted with bold, vibrant colour, this is perfect to create some fantastic nail designs to suit all those clients wanting to indulge their glamorous side.

Luxurious high gloss finishes with metallic and textured accents, allows that inner artist in you to truly experiment. Winter is vintage, black nails, white nails, moody blues, and charcoal greys, just remember that inner child and don’t hold back on the bold vibrant accent colours to lift your nails. Add some opulent purple or tantalizing turquoise… go on overindulge the fantasist within. Work those animal prints and tweeds and experiment with matt top coats and high gloss shines, to create a velvet and metallic effect.

Lime green is an amazing shade which I have truly fallen for, combined with natural colours and highlighted with black it can produce a surprisingly glamorous look.

The darker the better, look at some of the polish collection for this winter, to get truly inspired check out fashion magazines and study the colour combinations, a fun exercise is to choose an outfit and create a nail to match.


sueby said...

hi sam - met you at manchester on sunday (i was the one you painted flowers on after you came back from lunch!!) lovely to meet you - you were really helpful and i have practised the design on a friend and it came out brill using your tips. please keep posting helpful pointers for us that are newly starting and very interested in learning more ta sue

Sam Biddle said...

thanks...it was a really fantastic show, do you still have the design on...lolol.
I will be up dating this soon with some new steps and exciting events coming up. whatch this space.

Anonymous said...