Tuesday, 27 May 2008


Thank you to every one who came to visit me at Olympia, I hoped you enjoyed my forum, you know... I certainly did. I am working on a step by step as I type....(well I am on a break at the moment) But I thought i would give you a step by step of my demostration....however I have had to take a moment because I have been inudated with emails asking for some up and comeing dates for my Classes.

Please find my 'live' google calender; as you scroll down this site on the right. Just in case you have missed it however I will breifly list the dates up till July for you now.


June 23rd - Photographic workshop - Cheshire

June 24th - Inspire workshop -Tamworth

June 30 - Inspire workshop - Gosport

July 2nd - Inspire workshop - Enfield

July 7th - Inspire workshop - Cheshire

July 14th - Inspire workshop-Glasgow

July 20th - Competition workshop with Jaqui Jefford - Gosport

Please watch this space for two new step by steps;

Tropical featured in Junes Scratch magazine and some more information on my competition. plus the Twister as demostrated at Olympia, and featured on my DVD.