Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Hot Tropics

Scratch Magazine were kind enough to have a three page spread featuring my new DVD, a tropical step by step as shown here plus let you know about a fantastic opportunity.

With this exciting step by step you can take your first steps into the wonderful world of fantasy and create anything. For example the simple steps for the red Antherium lily can be repeated to become an exotic Bloom, and using the same methods double dip into two colours for another tropical bloom. Leaves as featured in the second step can change too, using different shades of green and manipulating the shapes you too can re create the tropics at your finger tips.
So with this in mind I have set the Scratch readers and you a challenge:-

In conjunction with Grafton's International I would like to offer you an opportunity to get your teeth into fantasy and win some amazing prizes. All you have to do is follow the simple step by steps here and develop your own red hot tropical look. Send your pictures into Grafton's to be judged and the top three winning entries will win;

1st - A one to one with ME! at Grafton's HQ, worth £225 it will be tailored to suit you, plus you will receive a copy of my new Pure fantasy DVD.
2nd - A 'Time to Shine' collection from Ez Flow nails systems and a 'Pure fantasy' DVD.
3rd - A colour collection from Ez Flow nail systems.

Please contact my office on sambiddleis@googlemail.com for more information.
Closing date for this competition is 31st May.
Antherium Lily

To make this flower you will need to work off the nail onto a sculpting form.

Step 1 - choose a red and pale yellow, double dip into the lightest shape first. let your bead saturate with monomer before layer it down onto your form.

Step 2 - Pull the top of the acrylic bead into a point with your brush.

Step 3 - press down with your brush and flatten the petal, keeping the point of your brush towards the centre.

Step 4 - place a wire onto the acrylic and fold the base of your flower over it. Make sure a quarter of the wire overlaps the red acrylic to make the stamen.

Step 5 - lift off the acrylic whilst it is still malleable.

Step 6 - Apply white acrylic onto the wire stamen.

Step 7 - finish off by adding detail to the base of your flower with some green.

Green Leaves

Creating your leaves on a sculpting form will stop them from looking flat and lifeless. Life and curl the edges while they are still mouldable, bending the leaf as you lift it off the form.

Step 1 - using a pale green and bright yellow acrylic

Step 3 -double dip, first into the lightest colour and place your bead onto your form.

Step 3 - pull the bead with the tip of your brush into a point, bringer the darker shade through the lighter yellow.

Step 4 - Flatten the edges of your leaf with your brush, pressing down hard to make the leaf as thin as possible.

Step 5 - With a sharp point score the veins, making the edges ragged. Lift off the form carefully whilst the acrylic is still malluable.

Well I wish you luck, and look forward to seeing your entries, I know it doesn't leave a lot of time, I will see if we can extend the date, depending on how many of you get back to me, wishing to enter.

Remember you can contact my office on sambiddleis@googlemail.com