Monday, 16 June 2008

New Webiste

I am really pleased to announced the launch of my new brand and website

It has been some time coming and I know I have not been able to post as regularly here as usual. this blog is now linked to the site, and day to day happenings of

will be listed here.

You will find up to date Event listings with a Live calender. There is also a Downloads page, where you can have detailed step by steps of all my latest designs. Trust me there are some great ones coming to you, which have never been published. I have been working with a fantastic and talented photographer Stuart Dibben, and I have some fantastic ideas which will be available over the next few months. This page will be up dated regularly with new and old step by steps available.

Take a look at the products page, with a preview of my new DVD 'Pure Fantasy' ...and watch this space, this is where I will launch my new publications in the future.

And to keep you up dated, subscribe to a free newsletter, cramed full of things you don't want to miss out on.

I would love to have your feedback, so email me on