Thursday, 7 August 2008

First day on the job....

Hi all,
A quick introduction as to who I am and what I do. My name is Vicki Smith and I currently have the ultimate pleasure of being Sam's PA (or slave, whichever is apt for the moment!) I work as a Bricklaying Instructor at a local Prison, but due to breaking my foot last year, I have trained as an Ez Flow Tech through Sam.

So, what am I doing on here you ask? Well, I have exclusive access behind the scenes and will be posting regularly on here to give you all the gossip that Sam tries to keep secret! I can unveil the tricks, the up coming events and the well hidden aspects to Sam's creations (an internet spy with permission so to speak!!)

I also post to (username - madkira), where I have complete control of what I can write about Sam, as she has to wait to read it herself, so I can get away with being a little cheeky!!

So , If you have any questions about the Master Artist that you have always been too shy to ask yourself, let me know and I will try my hardest to dig out the answers!!
You can e-mail me with your questions or suggestions at and title the message vicki.

Vix x x x