Wednesday, 27 August 2008

It not just about Nails...

CLOSE your eyes and remember the feel of cool grass caressing yours soles, or sinking your feet into a luxurious thick carpet. Think about the times you used your toes to turn on the hot tap in the bath, or tip toed around your children’s bedroom on Christmas Eve. When was the last time you let your foot find the cool spot at the end of the bed? How can we enjoy these things and not look after our feet?

Become enlightened to the wonders of your feet, and to realize just why you should appreciate these truly remarkable creations.

Pity your poor feet and all the pressures and stresses they face every day. Attention to your toes will bring better and longer-lasting benefits, to body and mind. Like most people, feet are neglected and yet they deserve as much attention as you pay to the rest of your body. Feet that don't function correctly affect your body's delicate balance. They upset the alignment and function of the knees, hips, spines and shoulders, causing backache and poor posture. Over time this can lead to fatigue and irritability. The feet are a sophisticated and delicate part of our body, containing a total of 52 bones, 66 joints, 38 muscles and 214 ligaments all working in harmony to provide movement and stability. Although seemingly fragile our feet are inherently robust and resilient. Made up of a delicate arrangement of nerves, blood vessels, bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments, with each part of the foot working in synchronised perfection

It is well known that the foot reflects the physical attributes of the body. But did you know that it could also show personality characteristics and individual needs, reflecting on the potential for self-development. For example, Hard skin can show how we are trying to protect our emotions. Shapes, lines, and colour speak to us about our soul. Feet can also take part in some of our most positive experiences you can’t help but love them for that.

It is never too late to start. From an early age my mother told me that if I look after my feet then they will look after me. A Relexologist for 13 Years, Marja Brown says’ Making an effort to take care of our most used, but undervalued part of our body will help vitality, improve ill health, and maintain stamina and vigour’.

There are many different ways to keep your feet looking good and feeling great.

Let your feet help you walk tall today!