Monday, 8 September 2008

Nail Professional of the Year 2008

Wow what an amazing evening, all the excitement and tension in one room filled with sparkling dresses and Dicky bows. As I look around the room I am amazing at the amount of people who have come together on this special evening to recognize and honour the best the industry have to offer.

The walls twinkle as tiny fairy lights blink in tune to the pumping music and each of the finalists are reviewed with a summery of not more than 30 words! Then the winner is called out to a resounding applause. Cheers from the various groups remind us of the support offered in a room full of strangers...we all feel the same, the tension builds as the categories are crossed off one by one. Then it is here Nail professional of the year, John is squeezing my hand, Victoria has her eyes closed and Mum winks at me..... I am not sure why I did this now, and I really don't want to find out who will receive this title any more.

Claire Durtnall - Holland from East Bourne, East Sussex, walks up to the stage to receive her trophy, and I am really thrilled for her I know how she must be feeling... well done Claire. I am so honoured to be one of those finalists and I know how those other 6 women are feeling within their groups of friends and supporters, I also know that this has happened to us all for a reason, we are brought to this place to learn and grow and the next time we enter and win we will appreciate it so much more.

If I am honest I am disappointed but I am also very very proud to have been invited and been part of a great evening. I have enjoyed the company of some amazing achievers and have taken this experience as a resounding success. I want to thank my gorgeous husband and amazing mother for being there and Victoria Smith and Andrew for supporting me all the way, you will never know how much that meant Vic. Amber Gibbons, Jane Cook, John Hardwick and the team from Grafton's arrived within mins of the awards being over to is nice to see the support that we some times take for granted, and realize that the people around us are there guiding us on each step of our journey. For the many emails and text messages from everyone wishing me well......I am also very very grateful.

So do I put my self through all this again, do I continue competing in this arena......? You tell me.