Sunday, 7 September 2008

Nail Professional of the Year 2008

The Brit Beauty awards are tonight and I am sat here waiting to leave for London. I have to keep asking my self if I am nervous....I feel calm and collected but as each second disappears and brings 7.00 closer, I recognize the same old churning in my stomach, like the washing machine tumbling the wet clothes in the kitchen, my stomach is spinning my nerves.

Should I be nervous? John seems to think I am always a winner in his biased supportive way, my mother smiles and tells me that what ever happens it is meant to be and I will learn and grow either way, and my kids just wish me good luck as they ride out the driveway to play with their friends. Don't they know how much self doubt I have to battle with.

I know I seems confident I have entered so many competitions and each time feel completely at ease having nothing to loose. Today should be no different it is not the end of all things, but if I am honest with myself it would be nice to be NAIL PROFESSIONAL OF THE YEAR!

The competition is amazing and there is some grate candidates, so I feel proud and honoured to be up against them. I would like to say to anyone else who is sitting waiting for a judgement of sorts I wish you love and light....and luck!