Sunday, 23 November 2008

Made in Malta

I have just returned from Malta, where I have been working with Sue Caruana, one of the leading technicians there, she is a distributor, educator and owns a salon in view of the beach. Based in Sliema, it was a joy to walk along the shores of the Mediterranean over lunch, the warm sun was a welcome change from the frosty weather threatening the UK shores. Working with the team at Beauty Inc was fantastic, they were very friendly with the typically warm and flamboyant attitude only found in that corner of the world. Having worked mostly with gel the girls got their mitts on some coloured acrylics, creating colour fades and design work, and then on Friday we had a Fantasy and Design inspire day were Technicians from all over Malta and the neighbouring island Gozo were invited. Expanding your knowledge goes a long way to improving your skills and building your business, in the UK we are used to this concept and it was nice to see that in Malta Nail techs think the same. The theme was roses, and working on a fantasy rose these gel techs tackled acrylic with gusto, producing some amazing flowers and leaves, working with product control and application technicians they learnt quickly. They needed to because after lunch we started on the more complex design application. Used to doing gel flowers I was very impressed with their abilities, each students got a pink rose for inspiration and had to decorate a nail file case. Finally the last demonstration pulled it all together, combining the design rose encapsulating it with a stiletto nail, with some 3D work.

At home I reflect on the different places I get to visit and meet the wonderful people behind the industry around the world. I enjoy learning from each visit and being inspired by drive and ambition to better and improve their businesses. I have made a new friend on this one and look forward to visiting her again soon.