Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Manicures with a difference

The Moon Manicure

Created by Beatrice Kaye a manicurist at MGM Studios in 1925. She used a rosy red polish and left the Luna and free edge bare, the look has evolved over time, with some Luna’s painted in a contrasting colours. To compliment Thakoon’s look at New York Fashion week last year CND put their own twist on the moon Manicure leaving the nail bed nude and painting just the Luna's black.
This look can be created in pinks and creams for a more demure feel, or funky in bright bold shades, and incorporating it in a traditional French or American manicure can high light the natural beauty of the nails. The shape and depth of the Luna can vary to create an illusion of a slender nail plate.

This manicure has not just been seen on the catwalk, it has be re invented over time and has been worn by the stars; Ditta Von Tesse the burlesque dancer revives this nail trend from the '20s, with her tips painted scarlet and white crescent moons – a retro take on the French manicure.
I have used the moon manicure recently on a few of my designs, finding it not only enhances the design but flatters the nail bed. Here I have used Gel, applying a small amount of natural white around the Luna near the cuticle, can also use acrylic to achieve this look.

The Louboutin Manicure

I would give my right arm for a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes, sadly this year Santa didn't buy me any, but perhaps Valentines day will come up trumps. Well until then I will have to settle for the Louboutin manicure, Zoe Pocock has come up with this alternative take manicure. The top of the nails are polished with any color and then a bright red creme is swiped on the underside.

I have always said that the underside of the nail is as important as the top, and you don't only have to use polish to try this look, with acrylic and gems, gel and foils you can turn the most simplistic design into a show stopper.

A favourite of mine when sculpting nails, is to apply a thin layer of glitter when extending the free edge, then apply the design over this. Once the form comes off, the design on the top of the nail is great, but what is truly special is the flash of glitz and glam that catches the light underneath.
Give both these manicure looks a go, and don't forget there is no limit to your imagination. Using gel, acrylic, polish or foils, anything is possible.


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