Tuesday, 13 January 2009

spot the difference

Featured on the front cover of NAILS magazine in the USA these encapsulated design nails are a fun, retro option, you can also encapsulate glitter, skeleton leaves, material, multi-colored threads, and even hand-painted nail art. I have posted the Step by Step below, for more steps visit http://www.sambiddle.co.uk/smartweb/main/downloads.
Photography - Stuart Dibben, Model - Vicki Smith, Nails - Sam Biddle

Step 1 - prepare the nail plate, removing non living tissue and applying primer.
Step 2 - fit your sculpting form
Step 3 - extend your nail bed using a custom blend pink to match natural skin tone of your client. I have used a recipe incorporating cover pink from Ez Flow's high definition, pansy from the pastel collection and competition white.
Step 4 - leave the Luna area, and apply a small amount of 'natural white'
here. compliment the shape of your nails by alternating the length and width of your Luna. this is called a moon manicure, check out next weeks blog entry for some interesting info on this alternative application.
Step 5 - extend the nail bed with clear acrylic.
Step 6 - apply a small amount of resign on the clear and using tweezers attach the sequins in a pattern.
Step 7 - cap the whole nail with clear acrylic
Step 8 - file and shape the nail and buff. Apply a finish coat to create a high shine to your nail.