Monday, 16 March 2009

NEW - 2009 workshops & dates

I am excited to bring you 'BE INSPIRED' new classes for 2009!
visit - for a full list of all the new classes and dates available around the UK. I have altered the wrkshops slightly to suit the needs for today, they still centre on my first love colour and design, but I wanted to bring you a series of workshops that wrk for you, that you can use within your own business and develop skills and new applications.

INSPIRED- is a class which takes you on a journey, working with both Fantasy and design application, learn how to master your acrylic, develop your creativity and individual style. Dilute fantasy concepts into design nails and find out alternative earning potentials. This workshop gives you the confidence and knowledge that anything is possible.

ADVANCED TASTERS - is perfect for those wanting to build on their fantasy skills and learn some new and innovative ways of building and manipulating acrylic. With a series of 3 mini workshops to choose from; an ideal way to add new skills and develop as a technician.

DESIGNS - IN GEL & ACRYLIC - a workshop not meant to replace design classes already available, but instead takes your work to the next level, bringing you new ideas and concepts which are 'outside' the box.

PHOTOGRAPHIC – this exciting workshop is ideal if you want to produce a winning photo or utilize your skills to promote your business.

VISIT - for a full list of workshops and dates!