Tuesday, 17 March 2009

What type of shoe are you?

I was reading Dawn French’s brilliant autobiography last night Dear Fatty…and she came up with a great way to describe her two grandmothers by the type of shoes she imagined them to wear. Dawn wrote, “a pink teeny tiny sparkly perfect pointy ballroom-dancing satin shoe” and then described another as “colourful, loud, high and clacky ankle strappy saucy strumpet of a shoe, too roomy for me and therefore inherently perilous”

I loved the fact that she used shoes to describe how she felt about someone, and it got me thinking, this is a great exercise to help us understand how to relate what we see to what we feel, and then dilute it into something we can incorporate into our own designs.

Therefore I have a challenge for you – I want you to describe yourself, what type of shoe are you? email me your short description at info@sambiddle.co.uk or post it on my facebook group, you will find the details on the discussion board.

There is two parts to this challenge….I will let you know the second next month!

So let me go first;

I, Sam Biddle, am a flip flop, a beautifully colourful crafted comfortable sole
for my painted toe nails with bright nail art to lye into, the thongs are
adorned with jewels and ribbon. My flip flop allows me to be close to the
earth, and free to express my creativity, the colour is only partially on view
unless I kick them off and allow others to see the real me inside.