Thursday, 1 October 2009

Take a Break to ask your self.

Have you got a minute? Well five actually, to spend over coffee, or in between clients, and to ask yourself some very important questions. Why? you ask. Well let me ask you this question first….do you realise your own potential? do you have any idea what is available out there for you?

You must have seen the range of different opportunities available in this industry to help make your business grow and prosper. I am sure your well aware of the many experts who can help you find the missing piece to that business building puzzle, and I know that you fully appreciate what a difference using design within your business can make.

But then it comes to making that important deceision, wondering if you should or shouldn't utilize these opportunities. Well I have come up with a little questionaire, to help you ask the right questions, instead of asking the same old ones, which don't give you the answers like;

Is this workshop right for me? How will this class benefit me? How can I improve myself and my business?

Try asking yourself these few questions to pin point just what might suit you and why. Pick the answer which best sums you up. Oh yes, and try to be honest.

1. How often do you work with colour in the salon?

a. Is there colour acrylic and gel available

b. My clients never ask for it.

c. Always, every day at least one of my clients has a full set of design nails.

2. Do you know how to introduce colour and design to the clients?

a. I suppose they will come in and ask me for it.

b. There are magazines out on the table.

c. I wear design nails all the time and have examples on my walls.

3. Do you have a draw filled to over flowing with glitter, gems and foils?

a. I didn’t know you could add stuff to nails

b. I have seen these at the shows, but never know what to do with them.

c. Every time I open my “happy draw” to get inspiration, it’s full of shiny sparkly things.

4. When your clients arrive, and you ask them what they would like you to do for them today, what do they say?

a. “Oh the usual please”.

b. My client is so specific she even tells you which brush to use.

c. My clients say’s those two magic words “ you decide”

5. A new salon has just opened in the same town/street/around the corner from you, are you?

a. Worried, in case you lose some of your precious business.

b. No problem, competition is good, the more people that wear nails, the more popular it will get.

c. Not worried, they can’t provide the range of services, and designs you can give.

6. Further education within the nail industry can be great?

a. I don’t agree - I learnt all I need to on my foundation/beginners/college course. Why do I need to spend money learning extra stuff?

b. I want to go on extra workshops but I can never decide what is best for me, and if the stuff I learn on the class will be useful in my business.

c. I try and attend at least three different workshops a year, I try new brands, techniques and companies so I have a range. Every time I come back from a class, I introduce something new to my clients, and they always love it, they end up paying for the workshops and then some.

Mostly A

You might not know it yet, or even think it, but a workshop will help you! Especially the be inspired -‘designs for the salons’ It will help answer some of your questions and just give you an insight into an amazing opportunity you have at your finger tips. You might just be realizing now how hard it is to be self employed nail technicians, so let me help you turn your job into a career and exploit the passion which is just sitting beneath the service. Remember you’re drawn to this creative career for a reason, let your inner child out to play for a while, you might like the game.

Mostly B

You are well on your way; you have plenty of passion and drive to introduce colour and design effectively into your work. But like me you probably have a few unanswered questions, which any of these workshops might just help you with. You have seen what you need to do, let me show you how to do it.

Mostly C

You have a balance of creativity and passion, and I am sure I must have seen your work already. In fact you have probably already attended one of my classes. But you probably already know that the thing this workshop will give you is more inspiration, some extra little tips and tricks that might be new to you, and of course an wealth of new experiences which you can use in your designs. Looking forward to working with you!

If you have found this helpful, please pass it on. It is amazing how something this simple can help change someone's future. Don't let your competition benefit from the advantages of knowing the right decisions to make, and which choices to take.

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