Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Does your imagination earn you a great income?

I wonder does your creativity stands out from the crowd……. would you like to know how to get the best from your products?

Let me show how colour can help you beat the competition and how a few tips and tricks can make design nails sell!

Karen Thresher desperately wanted to move into doing more exciting nails and offer her clients something different to the competition on the corner. Last year after attending a class, she has opened her salon Nr Chard, Somerset which is a massive success. She says “ the be inspired classes are amazing, you look at things around you in a different light, and draw inspiration from them, the whole day gave me much more confidence. Sam makes you believe you can achieve anything and is so down to earth”

Kim Engley works as a college tutor and owns a successful business in Cornwall, she attended the new Design for the Salon workshop in July “ I have actually learnt new techniques in the application of both gel and acrylic which has inspired me to be more adventurous, I would defiantly recommend this class to help boost confidence in putting new methods and designs into practice”

Do you think you have more to learn in this industry? Is there something else you could offer your clients to beat the competition?

I wrote and article for Scratch magazine about Independent Education, which was inspired by Yvonne Cockerill an extremely talented nail tech of 6 years from Coventry; she says about continuing your education “it keeps you stimulated and inspires you to think of different things”. About the workshops “ I have been on many courses over the years but I have to say the last couple of days have given me a wealth of knowledge” learning new skills which has helped business grow.

Now you can have the confidence to work with gel and acrylic and produce some stunning design nails.

Designs for the Salon is a day covering design nails in both gel and acrylic. Take away a dozen new idea’s, learn amazing new application techniques to make your nails come alive, and find out how to produce design nails which are suitable for the salon. A wealth of tips, tricks and latest trends so you don’t fall behind the competition and learn how to earn a great income.

Now is your chance to become a master of design.

You can join us in London next week, on Sunday 27th September and only has three places left. Book today. Email me on info@sambiddle.co.uk or call on 07841656898

Deadline for bookings is Wednesday 23rd 5.00pm