Tuesday, 7 December 2010

ARABELLA FORMS - Acrylic Holly embellishments

With Christmas just around the corner, and a wealth of nail art and design to be inspired with, why not delight your clients with this cost effective marketing tool. Pre make these cute little holly leaves in your quiet moments and then when your finishing the nails, attach them with some gel top coat or resin. Your clients will love this festive touch, and it is a cost effective gift. Think of the referrals you will get as they proudly show off their nail art. Simple to make I have used acrylic to make these embellishments.

Step 1; double dip into two different shades of green acrylic, remember first dip into the paler shade. Place your bead onto the form, making sure the colours are side by side and not on top  of each other, see image.

Step 2; with a small design brush, use the point to drag the darker green through the paler one, into a leaf shape.

Step 3; press on either side of the central line of your leaf, press and pull out the acrylic and make this as flat and thin as possible.

Step 4; while  your acrylic is still at the mouldable stage you need to shape the base of your holly leaf into a point, this will make one of the first distinctive concave edges synonymous to holly.

Step 5; press in the two sides of your holly leaf.

Step 6; working your way up the leaf, press both edges at the top of the leaf. You can use a narrow edged blade to indent the leaf down the centre.

Step 7; to attach the holly leaves apply a thin layer of resin or a gel top coat and cure after you have attached the leaves. Remember you can encapsulate the holly leaves too.

To purchase your Arabella forms

 please visit http://www.sambiddle.co.uk/arabella.html you will also find a great short film on other great idea you can use these fantastic forms for Nail Art. 
Full steps seen in Scratch Magazine December 2010 issue.

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