Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Christmas Confetti

I thought I would post you this quick colour fade base I made to go with the holly design I posted earlier. (see the steps below).  This is a simple and effective design perfect for salon application. It won’t take long and can look great at any time of the year. I have used the Brand New Confetti Collection from Ez Flow Nail systems. It is a nice glitter collection which looks fab over the top of opaque colours or as a transparent effect.

You will see below that I have added a little festive embellishment, this is obviously up to you and your clients, and perhaps not suitable in the summer seasons...you can pop a pretty little flower on instead of the Holly. I’m using the Arabella forms to pre make the embellishments, but if you don’t have them you can place directly onto the surface of the nail or encapsulate it.

Step 1; prepare the natural nail, removing the non-living tissue, dehydrate and prime. Then apply your sculpting form, by the way this can also be done on tips if you prefer. Now extend the nail bed, I have custom blended this cover pink, if you would like the recipe, email me at info@sambiddle.co.uk.
Step 2; now apply a nice vibrant red.  I am using raspberry cream from the rainbow collection available at Ez Flow nail systems.

Step 3; You must try and get your hands on this fantastic confetti collection.  Firstly apply ‘I love a parade’ on the lower part of the free edge, and blend into the red.  This is a peachy transparent powder with largish particles of glitter, it really reflects the light beautifully.
Step 4; ‘Cheers’  goes over the top of the red and  peach colour, this will help you blend the two colours together, and for anyone who has tried ‘time to shine collection, this one is a ‘gold version of cocktail time, let me tell you now it’s   divine.

Step 5; cap your whole design with clear acrylic, you can do this with gel too. this gives the glitters a really bright shiny look.
Step 6; remove the sculpting form and pinch the nail, I am using the curved pinching sticks from artistic nail design. 
Step 7; Finish file and refine your shape
Step 8; apply a  gel top coat, check the next page before you do this, if you’re  going  to apply the holly you will need to do this while the gel is still wet, and  then cure under a UV lamp.

For more steps please visit www.sambiddle.co.uk and navigate to the downloads page.

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