Friday, 13 May 2011

Beauty UK - a success!

Beauty UK in Birmingham is now over and what an amazing show it was. This was my first show as Be Inspired, working with Rebecca Orme from Creative Ten, we managed to pull off something quite special.

We set out to create a stand with a unique concept, both Rebecca and I wanted to bring nail technicians something different. Unlike any other stand at the show, we created a living space, complete with a pot of tea, rugs and throws, a tray filled with nail products as if someone had just gotten up and left the room, about to to return and carry on using her acrylic and making something stunning on the ARABELLA forms.

Why you ask? Why go to so much trouble...well we know that most nail technicians are like us, and want to carry on creating amazing nail designs day and night, I have sat in a similar living room, (literally as most of the items where from my own home), and worked on my ARABELLA forms, watching DVD's and checking out the steps in Scratch Magazine. The whole ethos of the stand at Beauty UK was to show the nail tech how good they can be, we didn't want to show them the same old demonstrations, but instead bring them some cool things to work with and make their nails amazing. To Inspire them, yes dare I say it, we wanted to give them some ideas and tools to go away and develop their designs.

Not only that we launched the amazing nail art pens, the pigments including the new gold and silver colours, and the 'creating inspiration together' roadshow.

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