Friday, 13 May 2011

Nail Art Pens

So how many of you have a problem getting those thin lines with a skinny striper? Do you wish you could create the swirls and spirals within minutes.......well now you can create fine detail with ease, using just paint!

These unique nail art pens have been especially designed to be used with acrylic water based PAINT making them easy to use and reuse. You don’t need to buy any additional inks or special nail art paints just use what you have at home. There are pens like this on the market for nail art, and I got my self some from China, but when they arrived I had to go spend a small fortune on inks and then found I needed to spend time cleaning out the nibs between each colour, it all got very frustrating and time I set out to find a pen which could be used wit the paints I already had. It took a while cut a long story short, these are perfect for the job.

It couldn’t be simpler; all you need to do is water down your paints ratio 10:4, (make sure you have paint with high pigment content, or use air brush paint) and simply dip your nib in and ‘be creative’.
You can use your pen to draw outlines of petals and flowers, highlight faces, enhance your designs with fine details, draw swirls and loops…and so much more. These pens create a fine edged line, and if you find it hard to use a stripping brush, well this just might be the answer for you.

Now available at on the be creative page.

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